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41.High-speed Yokohama loop north line environmental assessment procedure

Last update date June 5, 2020

List of procedure situation
Business name

High-speed Yokohama loop north line

Business operation area

The starting point: Kawamukoucho, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi
Terminal: 2, Namamugi, Tsurumi-ku

Business type New establishment (targeted for law) of road
City planning decision incarnation Governor of Kanagawa
Company Metropolitan expressway

Submission: June 29, 1998
Notification, general inspection: From July 21, 1998 to August 19

Briefing session

On Heisei 10 age 7 moon 24 day, July 25, July 26, July 28, July 30, July 31, August 1,
August 3, August 4 (nine times in total)

Statement of position tsusuu: 295,947 of them
Opinion summary, opinion Sending: July 15, 1999
Examination committee

Question: June 24, 1999
Report: August 24, 1999

The mayor opinion

Making: September 3, 1999
Notification, general inspection: From September 3, 1999 to October 4

Evaluation book

Sending: July 13, 2000
Company general inspection (the city Planning Bureau): From July 14, 2000 to August 14

Subsequent investigation plan Submission: June 25, 2003
Construction start registration form

Report: June 25, 2003
Construction start due date: March 31, 2004

Subsequent findings report
Construction completion registration form Undecided
In-service start registration form Undecided

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