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Yokohama-shi environmental management plan

Yokohama-shi environmental management plan is plan to promote measure about environment generally and premeditatedly based on the basic regulations about maintenance of Yokohama-shi environment and creation. History of Yokohama-shi environmental management plan began in what was devised to cope with industrial model pollution and city, ecotype pollution, citizen's needs for comfortable environment in March, 1986 (Showa 61). Following the fact that Environmental Basic Law was established in November, 1993 (Heisei 5), we established the basic regulations about maintenance of Yokohama-shi environment and creation in 1995 (Heisei 7) and, based on these regulations, devised plan newly. Afterwards, we repeat revisions to cope with environment-related legislation and environmental problem to become diversification, complexity and continue up to the present day.

Last update date March 30, 2020

About Yokohama-shi environmental management plan (November, 2018 revision)

We incorporated "Yokohama-shi biological diversity Yokohama action plan" and "action plan such as environmental educations" in this plan and revised in November, 2018. As for the main contents of "Yokohama-shi biological diversity Yokohama action plan", as for the main contents of action plan such as environmental educations, it is listed Chapter 5 basics measure 7 in "environmental education, learning" in Chapter 5 basics measure 2 "biological diversity".

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Process of revision

Question, report material of the Yokohama-shi environment creation deliberation

Opinion from citizen and company

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