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Social movement insurance

Last update date June 3, 2019

About social movement insurance

Yokohama-shi bears premium beforehand so that person doing volunteer activity can be active in peace and is system contracting with insurance company.
Procedure of prior participation and registration is not necessary.
Please report the situation of everyday concrete activity contents and accident by letter by any chance when accident has happened.
When we can confirm that we meet requirements of Yokohama-shi social movement insurance, the insurance is paid.

* Target one
Person who performs volunteer activity (homage with utility to perform voluntarily) exclusively in the city

* Target volunteer activity
Homage (we publish activity example in ※ leaflet) which meets all four next requirements

  • Activity that Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations which is group and individual, local resident organization constructed voluntarily performs
  • Nonpaying activity (as for the payment of actual expenses such as transportation expenses, possible)
  • Activity that it is continuous and performs premeditatedly
  • Activity with utility

※We take round-trip course to preparations activity and activity place in insurance coverage.

Please be careful about activities enough

* Many accidents

  • We tripped on step and, during cleaning of local anti-crime program patrol and park, fell down.
  • We slipped and, on the way to officers' meeting of Neighborhood Association, fell down.
  • We fell over ladder during preparations for local school festival.
  • We eliminated pebble and chopped glass of car of another person with mowing machine during mowing.
    [reference]"Please be careful about used accidents of lawn mower!" (mowing machine) (the outside site)(Consumer Affairs Agency homepage)

There is case leading to serious injury that physical impediment remains among them.
Even usual activity confirms whether there are not dangerous place and work, and please be active without overdoing it.
In addition, regardless of the indoor outside, let's prevent heat stroke by brisk hydration. (the outside where heat stroke is targeted for insurance)

Information for 2019 Yokohama-shi social movement insurance | Leaflet


fileiconPDF (PDF: 551KB)
※A4 size, page 4

Reference (contact information at the time of accident occurrence) | of each ward fileiconPDF (PDF: 68KB)

Yokohama-shi social movement insurance conduct summary | fileiconPDF (PDF: 477KB)

We introduce insurance regime except social movement insurance.

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