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Contents (video, coloring) to be able to enjoy in house

Last update date July 10, 2020

From infant to adult, we introduce recommended book of library.
Detailed information of materials is seen when we click the title of a book.
Person who is wondering what you read, please see by all means.

We enjoy with video

Picture-story show of Yokohama

We introduce picture-story shows such as the old days story or folktale to reach Yokohama.
Person (or group) who produced picture-story show acts.

Picture-story show of Yokohama


Act; hand
Asahi Ward

"Raincoat of Katabira River"

Michiko Nakamura
Asahi Ward "Nap of fox" Picture-story show ojisantoshokun
Asahi Ward "Image of Kannon with a human body and a horse head of sa" "hodogaya" ekataribe
Izumi Ward (old Totsuka Ward) "Landing of cat" Picture-story show ojisantoshokun
Isogo Ward, Minami Ward "isoemonnosekkenzukuri" Chew; play, ippo
Isogo Ward "Cook landing" Chew; play, ippo
Isogo Ward "Anything as for the obstinacy moxibustion" Picture-story show tortoise seat to have cramped
Kanazawa Ward "Buddhist priest who carried two Deva kings on his back" We do not see meeting kana of Kanazawa picture-story show
Kohoku Ward "hoki gitsune of excellent educational work Terasaka" tamatebako
Sakae Ward "Frog festival" Picture-story show company prospers
Sakae Ward "Family of weasel which became chopsticks" Picture-story show company prospers
Seya Ward "Beginning of Akuwa River ... Kamatori Pond story" The Izumi picture-story show company
Tsurumi Ward "jamokamo is shiny" Picture-story show tortoise seat to have cramped
Totsuka Ward "Colored leaves waterfall" Picture-story show company prospers
Naka Ward "We did of veil" Chew; play, ippo
Naka Ward "Pickled radish Daimyojin" "hodogaya" ekataribe
Naka Ward "The beginning of Yokohama thing" Chew; play, ippo
Naka Ward "Yokohama three tower quiz" Chew; play, ippo
Naka Ward, Minami Ward "Story of field ni Yoshidashinden in this sea" Chew; play, ippo
Hodogaya Ward "Strong person Oden" "hodogaya" ekataribe
Yokohama "honchi Yokohama spider battle" kamishibaiippo

Library laboratory

Experiment and book of work which are possessed much in library. What happens if we try? Does it go well to be written on book? It is corner that library librarian actually tries to answer such a question.

Book Talk

Librarian of library introduces recommended book along various themes.

Book Talk
What kind of such house such house houseProduct for elementary school 3.4 years studentsAbout ten minutes
A lot of friendsProduct for elementary school 3.4 years studentsAbout 30 minutes
Let's think well!Product for elementary school 5.6 years studentsAbout 30 minutes
Of work find;Product for junior high studentsAbout 20 minutes

Eraser hanko animation (Climate Change Policy Headquarters)

About climate change and energy saving, re-energy, please see "eraser hanko animation" to be able to learn clearly.
Eraser hanko animation is video which we did to take eraser hankookoma.

Video introduces.
Please enjoy with child.
Song of children's song, toy
We introduce book and picture book which are useful for knee <for infants> in page of picture book to enjoy by hug.

Library character coloring

Contents to be able to enjoy in house out of Yokohama-shi

It is portal site of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
We introduce learning support contents in period for temporary closure with new coronavirus.

Tokyo child library (the outside site) is book of child in Nakano-ku, Tokyo and private library specialized in reading.
We begin YouTube delivery that pleasure of story and book is sent to as emergency attempt widely quickly in children of the whole country from February 29.
Story-telling of picture book which publication of Tokyo child library made for work recorded in "candle of story for treasuring" and the Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction aid is seen.

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