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Seya-ku, Yokohama-shi synthesis government building PFI business screening committee

Last update date March 11, 2019

We set up Yokohama-shi PFI business screening committee composed of people of learning and experience and evaluate suggestion contents and choose the best proposer. City decided successful bidder based on the choice result of screening committee (September 9, 2008).

■Summary (City of Yokohama, Co-Governance and Creation Task Force homepage) of Yokohama-shi PFI business screening committee

■The first screening committee (November 30, 2006 holding) (PDF: 111KB)

■The second screening committee (February 1, 2007 holding) (PDF: 15KB)

■The third screening committee (March 27, 2007 holding) (PDF: 15KB)

■The fourth screening committee (July 26, 2007 holding)

■The fifth screening committee (October 23, 2007 holding) (PDF: 120KB)

■The sixth screening committee (November 16, 2007 holding) (PDF: 130KB)

■The seventh screening committee (November 27, 2007 holding) (PDF: 121KB)

■Examination comment (PDF: 598KB)

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■The eighth screening committee (January 18, 2008 holding) (PDF: 142KB)

■The ninth screening committee (August 22, 2008 holding) (PDF: 85KB)

■The tenth screening committee (September 4, 2008 holding) (PDF: 77KB)

■Examination comment

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