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Seya Ward synthesis government building PFI business demand standard book (plan) attached sheet

Last update date March 11, 2019

February 28, 2007 public announcement

Demand standard book (plan) attached sheet 
Attached sheet 1 Seya Ward administration policy (summary version) (1 page) (PDF: 268KB) 
Attached sheet 2 guide map (1 page) (PDF: 288KB) 
Attached sheet 3 site and the neighboring current situation survey maps (8 pages) (PDF: 749KB) 
Figure of attached sheet 4 site mensuration (1 page) (PDF: 129KB) 
Figure of attached sheet 5 site area change (1 page) (PDF: 202KB) 
Attached sheet 6 *yoshoshitsu and specifications (ward office) (14 pages) (PDF: 212KB) 
Attached sheet 7 *yoshoshitsu and specifications (public hall) (4 pages) (PDF: 102KB) 
Attached sheet 8 *yoshoshitsu and specifications (fire department) (6 pages) (PDF: 135KB) 
Attached sheet 9 waterworks account book (4 pages) (PDF: 220KB) 
Attached sheet 10 sewer account book (4 pages) (PDF: 297KB) 
Attached sheet 11 telephone, electricity, gas account book (5 pages) (PDF: 696KB) 
Attached sheet 12 quality of soil working papers (extract) (14 pages) (PDF: 1,359KB) 
Figure of attached sheet 13 existing synthesis government building public (plane) (6 pages) (PDF: 258KB) 
Attached sheet 14 existing synthesis government building detailed drawing (vertical plane, section, the basics, outward appearance) (16 pages) (PDF: 2,246KB) 
Attached sheet 15 fire prevention water tank account book (7 pages) (PDF: 1,030KB) 
Attached sheet 16 construction rotation figure (1 page) (PDF: 69KB) 
Specifications (1 page) of attached sheet 17 public hall substitute facility (PDF: 66KB) 
Each attached sheet 18 Seya Ward synthesis government building section line of flow, correlative association map (2 pages) (PDF: 111KB) 
Attached sheet 19 Seya Ward organizational chart (4 pages) (PDF: 33KB) 
Attached sheet 20 disaster prevention radio summary (10 pages) (PDF: 476KB) 
Attached sheet 21 seismometer summary (1 page) (PDF: 26KB) 
News (8 pages) from attached sheet 22 Health and Welfare Center (PDF: 3,608KB) 
Event (extract) of attached sheet 23 public hall (3 pages) (PDF: 238KB) 
Attached sheet 24 government building construction standard (fire department) (18 pages) (PDF: 74KB) 
Attached sheet 25 firefighting branch office design standard (electric equipment construction) (37 pages) (PDF: 190KB) 
Attached sheet 26 Isogo fire department communication room apparatus table (1 page) (PDF: 546KB) 
Attached sheet 27 system constitution sketch (1 page) (PDF: 173KB) 
Apparatus table (1 page) for attached sheet 28 Seya fire department order (PDF: 14KB) 
Attached sheet 29 Seya fire department power supply capacity management list (1 page) (PDF: 14KB) 
Attached sheet 30 Isogo fire department ground plan (2 pages) (PDF: 642KB) 
Attached sheet 31 Isogo fire department example photograph (3 pages) (PDF: 124KB) 
A use attached sheet 32 community building structure design coefficient standard (11 pages) (PDF: 44KB) 
Attached sheet 33 current situation government building facilities apparatus list and facilities capacity list (electricity) (7 pages) (PDF: 667KB) 
Attached sheet 34 power supply necessary circuit and network communication course (1 page) (PDF: 12KB) 
System and disaster prevention system (2 pages) in the attached sheet 35 current situation agency (PDF: 14KB) 
Attached sheet 36 current situation government building facilities apparatus list and facilities capacity list (machine) (16 pages) (PDF: 1,089KB) 
Attached sheet 37 Futatsu Bridge park plan ground plan (1 page) (PDF: 213KB) 
Attached sheet 38 Futatsu Bridge park old ground plan (1 page) (PDF: 203KB) 
Attached sheet 39 Futatsu Bridge park public sectional map copying (1 page) (PDF: 35KB) 
Flow (1 page) of attached sheet 40 development regulations Article 6 road discussion (PDF: 37KB) 
Figure of maintenance policy of attached sheet 41 existing tree (2 pages) (PDF: 3,544KB) 
Figure of attached sheet 42 road planning (1 page) (PDF: 279KB) 
Inhabitants opinions in attached sheet 43 public hearing (1 page) (PDF: 679KB) 
Request offer result (8 pages) of inhabitant of a ward about attached sheet 44 government building maintenance (PDF: 43KB) 
Conduct result (14 pages) of questionnaire about attached sheet 45 government building maintenance (PDF: 145KB) 
List of household articles equipment which attached sheet 46 choice company installs (10 pages) (PDF: 132KB) 
Attached sheet 47 blowing asbestos findings (7 pages) (PDF: 2,760KB) 
Way of thinking (1 page) of the duties conduct system (additional post) in attached sheet 48 maintenance duties and administration duties (PDF: 71KB) 
The results (1 page) according to user of attached sheet 49 public hall (PDF: 12KB) 
The fee for use income results (1 page) of attached sheet 50 public hall (PDF: 14KB) 
Bookmark (2 pages) of use of attached sheet 51 public hall (PDF: 16KB) 
About calculation of the attached sheet 52 administrative property fee for use (1 page) (PDF: 330KB) 
The situation (1 page) of attached sheet 53 restaurant and stand (PDF: 15KB) 
The current situation menu (1 page) of attached sheet 54 restaurant (PDF: 9KB)

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