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It is sign language video in "♥ oldness and Konan full of love"

We expressed basic theme of business of the 50th anniversary of Konan constituency system by sign language. Please use!

Last update date July 29, 2019

Explanation of movement and meaning that was put

1 "love"

With the left hand as stone, put before the left chest, of the right hand is flat, and rub for two laps.

[meaning put for sign language]
We assist and help each other and protect and talk, and, for sign language of part of "love", image to build society living together is loaded "it is important for life" of every all with.

2 "overflows"

In front of body, we greatly create circle below from the top.

[meaning put for sign language]
Sign language of "it overflows" has various expression methods, but utilizes sign language to express "all" including meaning of the above-mentioned "love".

3 "hometown"

①We grasp both fists and spread out our elbows and move the right fist to the right with the left fist twice at the same time to the left.
②Afterwards, we stretch out the right palm toward bottom to create arc from the area of chest to the height of the forward navel.

[meaning put for sign language]
We expressed "hometown" by sign language of meaning to "be born and raised" if usual, but cause, ① of image to "live to future Konan Ward" "place where point continued living in now" utilized expression at ② "this place" with it was here saying "we try hard". There are person who moved in and person who is born and raised here all the time to Konan Ward. And meaning that it be is loaded feeling that we want to live for in gentle Konan Ward like sunflower for a long time brightly with.

4 "Konan"

①We make rectangle (as for the width as for the width of the shoulders) with thumb and forefinger of both hands to front of body, the height of the navel.
②Afterwards, we do gesture to look up at round fan by the right hand.

[meaning put for sign language]
"Konan" in "Konan" expresses by "the place name sign language". ①It becomes sign language to express ② "south" (= round fan ⇒ hot ⇒ south) as sign language of meaning called "port".

5 "ni"

①We tie thumb and forefinger of both hands on the descent in front of chest. (we stretch straight out three other fingers on this occasion.)
②We just extend ability to front of body.

[meaning put for sign language]
Or "ni" expresses by expression "continuing" in meaning to live in Konan Ward for a long time "all the time". Meaning to connect is included in the future of Konan Ward.

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