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Autumn sunflower project

We put together at time of sunflower Festa (November 2 holding) from October when Konan Ward was born and are plan to let flower "sunflower" of ward bloom in autumn. As well as ward office, we wrestled with park protection society and facility in ward, school others, many everybodies.

Last update date January 14, 2020


Autumn sunflower gallery

We were able to let sunflower bloom at many places! Thank you for your cooperation.

Around ward office

The Kaminagaya station square

Village of Oga

Uchikura gardening

We carried out stamp rally around autumn sunflower!

We had you participate toward about 200 people. Thank you. (I send prize for participation by the middle of December)

Distribution day

From Tuesday, October 1 to 31st Thursday

Distribution place

Use of inhabitant of a ward facility in the first floor of the ward office information corner, ward
※We can download from the following.

Let's collect stamps over five points! (finished)

We present souvenir by lot. Please enjoy autumn walking while finding sunflower as map which we introduced the neighboring highlight to is put for each point♪

Implementation period

From Friday, October 25 to Thursday, November 7
※The details download the following flyer, and please confirm.

Point is here!

※As well as point, we bring up to let sunflower bloom at many parks and facilities, each home in autumn.

Autumn sunflower stamp rally flyer downloading

Information for Twitter (Twitter)

※We are stopping update now. There is no future update plan. We appreciate your reading.

Of "sunflower let bloom unit in autumn", about activity and the flowering situation, send information on Twitter (Twitter).
Twitter is communication service in the Internet to post short sentence information within 140 characters, and to read. (American Twitter company runs.)
If there are any environment (PC and smartphone, cell-phone) that the Internet is available to, anyone can read.

Operational policy

Operational policy
Account name@y_konan_akihima
Account URL (the outside site)
Dispatch contents

In commemoration of the Konan constituency system 50th anniversary, we disseminate information about activities of plan "in autumn free unit" to let sunflower bloom in autumn.

  • Event information
  • Flowering information
  • Others
Operation administratorThe Konan Ward Regional Promotion Division head
SenderKonan Ward Regional Promotion Division, Konan Ward Health and Welfare Division, Konan engineering works office
Having follow or notAs a general rule, we do not perform.
Having reply (reply) or notAs a general rule, we do not perform.
The use start dateAugust 15, 2019

"Sunflower lets bloom in autumn; recruitment of unit" members!

Distribution of kind was finished. Thank you for your cooperation.

It recruits members letting sunflower bloom together.
We have you bring up seeds of sunflower distributing to members (sunflower becoming height of a rice plant around 40cm that is brought up in planter).
We distribute canned original badge for member in conjunction with kind.
[distribution period] During facility business hours of from Thursday, August 15, 2019 to Thursday, September 5
[the number of the distribution] One bag of 1 home (around 20) ※It is finished as soon as it disappears
[distribution place] The first floor of the ward office general information (140 bags), community care plaza (for each 40 bags) in ward
For more details, please confirm flyer (PDF: 497KB).

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Telephone: 045-847-8396

Telephone: 045-847-8396

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E-Mail address [email protected]

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