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About business of the 50th anniversary of Konan constituency system

Last update date July 31, 2019

Konan Ward reaches the constituency system 50th anniversary in 10⽉ in 2019.
Plan carries out various events to become ⼀ body with all of ward ⺠ and all of company, the groups in ward, and to celebrate the 50th anniversary and brings up local connection, and the class of ⼀ heaps up Konan Ward.

Basic way of thinking

  • Area, school, company, related organizations, the government carry out business all in one body and celebrate the constituency system 50th anniversary together.
  • We develop business to base with thing which we piled up so far including history of local approach and anniversary business.

Theme of commemorative project

In "♥ oldness and Konan full of love"
"We watch" "greetings" that we brought up together "cooperation" "to assist" and spread and tie ring of much "love" (meet) in the future until now.

Logo mark

Logo mark of the 50th anniversary

Sunflower which blooms out of love. It is petal ⼀ tsuga ⼈ and it is Japanese yen to surround love and becomes flower.
We express heart to assist. ※Sunflower is flower of ward that we established in commemoration of the Konan constituency system tenth anniversary.

Main event

Commemorative ceremony

Commemorative ceremony to become main of business of the 50th anniversary and commemorative event will go as place that they can connect in the future while thanking "hometown Konan" where we built with local until now.

Sunflower Festa 2019

As main event of business of the 50th anniversary, festival around Konanchuo flocks!

Sunflower music Festa

We send culture that is full of creation characteristics well of children widely in ward and aim at cheerful Konan Ward brightly.

Cheerful community development forum

A lot of hints of local action! We watch disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage and introduce various approaches including assisting and hold as the finale event to complete the 50th anniversary.

Various approaches

It is message for oneself future

We raise letters which the small, junior high student in ward wrote for oneself future. We keep carefully and send ten years later.

Autumn sunflower project

We put together at time of commemorative ceremony (November 2 holding) from October when Konan Ward was born and let flower "sunflower" of ward bloom in autumn and heap up the constituency system 50th anniversary. We carry out distribution and stamp rally of seeds of sunflower.

All and tour

It is tour to have you observe the deep harbor facilities of relation to be managed of Yokohama in children of Konan Ward in August, 2019.

Memory magazine

We look back on history of ward and hand down 50 years with inhabitants of a ward who moved forward with ward and make thought as one to tie to the future.

Original stamp

We make stamp which "is glad that I come to want and get, and uses, and is pleasant" as o concept in "♥ oldness and Konan full of love".
The release is due to begin November, 2019.

Record magazine

We make as "album of smile" looking back on business of the 50th anniversary and are going to issue in June, 2020.
We are raising photographs of smile at approach, event of local all of you celebrating anniversary business now.

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