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Last update date June 4, 2020


Special first-run showing though "we just dropped smartphone murderous fiends (the outside site) of falling into enemy hands" on Friday, February 21 of the whole country

Yudai Chiba, Mai Shiraishi, Hiroki Suzuki/ombi*shin, Noriko Eguchi, Nao, Kazuki Iio (zun), Yu Takahashi, ko-dai (sonar pocket), Yuki Hirako (Arco & peace), Tanikawa Risako, Akira 100%, Imada beauty cherry blossoms (friendship appearance)/Tetsushi Tanaka, Keiko Kitagawa (special appearance), Kei Tanaka (special appearance), Taizo Harada (special appearance), Ryo Narita/Arata Iura, others

Serial killing case that aimed only at woman of long raven-black hair.
Anyone thought that Kagaya of detective who chased case caught Urano of consecutive murderous fiends, and case closed curtain.
Body of young woman who is discovered in sequence from the same murder scene though we caught criminal.
It was Kagaya who decided to cross Urano and hand unwillingly, but, as last resort, notices that Minori of lover is aimed at by mysterious man while the investigation is full of confusion.
Case shows immediate development that nobody expects before long, and, as for Kagaya, even secret that not only life of beloved person but also oneself holds is jeopardized.
But we just dropped smartphone….

[the screening theater in Yokohama-shi]
TOHO cinemas La La Port Yokohama, AEON CINEMA Corp. Minato Mirai, Yokohama Buruk 13, Mu building, TOHO cinemas Kamiooka, 109 cinemas Kohoku, AEON CINEMA Corp. Kohoku new subdivision

TV drama

Ayami Nakajo Kanata Hongo
Kenji Iwatani Kenji Mizuhashi Masahiro Toda Sara Shida Ono Chinese quince
masamoku*yaurajo*shuyasubaihoseichuyaeiju髙kyorion sargasso tar
Segizawa constipated love Yuna Adachi Kosuke Takagi Keiko Iida Masaki Igarashi Ishihara life Sakamoto co-Urd Reiko Matoba
Toru Shinagawa Miyoko Akaza Mayumi Ozora

[on airdate]
From 9:00 to stop by on Saturday, July 11 to 10:29

2020, Tokyo. Saori Nakagawa (21 years old/Ayami Nakajo) who has championship experience in contest of French cuisine,
We were losing confidence and passion for days only of dishwashing without own cooking being evaluated although we entered first-class restaurant.
Thyme skids suddenly in such a case in Tokyo of 1964.
Therefore we meet cook, Ryuichi Kikuchi (26 years old/Kanata Hongo) of Western food and will study in the bottom.
Ryuichi who ingredients are limited to, and challenges cooking single-mindedly in the times when there are not enough kitchen utensils.
What is thing that Saori is really gradually important for dishes while seeing the figure close?
And we notice what is not enough to oneself as cook.
Saori has love feeling towards Ryuichi across respect as cook gradually.
However, a certain case is opportunity, and Saori comes back again suddenly in 2020.
Was all dream?
And, in the world 56 years after we had the re-bino Tokyo Olympics in the next year, love of Saori will meet the end suddenly.

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