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Legal advice

Last update date June 23, 2020

About the inheritance, divorce, money loan, leased land, rented house, thing about other laws, we can receive consultation by lawyer of Kanagawa bar association.
Give an explanation that law depending on consultation content is common, of solution to the problem have refer to, and do not plan solution at this place. Therefore please note that you cannot accept the next duties.

  • Business such as making, evaluation of documents such as contract or answer
  • Solution to case and request of work
  • When item which we have already asked lawyer for, consultation contents are examining trial during suit
  • Consultation of repetition of the same item

Conduct day

Every Monday, 3 first Wednesday from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00
※Consultation time is 30 minutes.


Izumi Ward government office Public Relations Section (the first-floor 101 window)
About prevention of infection spread of new coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19)
As new coronavirus infection prophylaxis, we carry all out consultation over telephone about legal advice. You contact the following Phone number beforehand, and I would like reservation of consultation time.

Application method

Need reservations (at any time)
Or telephone (045-800-2337) apply for window directly.
※When reservation is canceled, please contact immediately.
In the case of cancellation without permission, I decline next reservation.

  • It is resident in Izumi Ward, and working applies.

Other legal advice windows

Inquiry to this page

Izumi Ward General Affairs Department Ward Administration Promotion Division

Telephone: 045-800-2337

Telephone: 045-800-2337

Fax: 045-800-2506

E-Mail address [email protected]

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