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Statistics information

Last update date June 24, 2019

About statistics information and investigation

◆Statistics information of Hodogaya Ward and population of Yokohama-shi◆
(index/Hodogaya Ward statistics page according to man and woman population/town and village according to number of the households, men's and women's population/age)
(with link internal from the following to each page)

⇒Statistics portal (about demographic viewpoint) is this

◆As a result of main statistics investigation◆

National census, house, land statistics investigation, economic general survey, office, company statistics investigation, industrial statistics investigation,
Commercial statistics investigation, agricultural and forestry census, school basics investigation, employment structure basics investigation
Of this result this (to page of statistics portal)

We carry out statistics investigation based on law (statistical law).
Result of statistics investigation not only population, household but also company activity, the employment situation, the family budget,
Investigation that went over to the diverse field including prices, and reflected the current situation of social economy
Result is utilized in the wide field.
I would like your cooperation.

◆By statistics intellect ruhodogaya "navel"◆

Basic statistics data of Hodogaya Ward this (by 2019 statistics intellect ruhodogaya "navel")
As the data acquisition with CSV file, PDF file is possible as open data utilization, please use.

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Telephone: 045-334-6207

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