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The number of patients of 15-5 infectious disease

Last update date April 16, 2020

The number of patients of infectious disease

  1. Yokohama-shi statistical documentation

Chapter 15 hygiene and environment

  • Table 1 medical facilities
    • (7) The infectious disease number of patients
  1. City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau institute for health

Yokohama-shi infectious disease information center

  • Infectious disease development pulse-taking
  1. Big city comparison statistics chronological table

XV hygiene

  • 7.Infectious disease and the food poisoning number of patients

The number of patients of new coronavirus infectious disease

The Yokohama city

Symptoms of positive patient, the generations, the outbreak situation of distinction
The details of the outbreak situation of public announcement each day

The Kanagawa prefecture

The outbreak situation (not ※ municipalities) according to health welfare office jurisdiction
The number of patients in the prefecture, attribute of patient, the number of consultation
Attribute data (CSV file) of the outbreak situation mentioned above

The country

The domestic outbreak situation

Foreign countries

Change of the number of the infected people according to country, the number of the infected people per 10,000

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