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Transportation Bureau Kawawa boarding management place

Last update date July 10, 2020

The location

1252, Kawawacho, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi

Main duties, contact information

Main duties, contact information
Main duties Contact information
Thing about driving of high-speed railway and transportation of passenger.
Thing about guidance of passenger in high-speed railway and rearranging.
Thing about facility of high-speed railway during driving, management of facilities and security of passenger and emergency measures at the time of emergency.
Thing about the spot handling of accident of high-speed railway and accident report.
Thing about compensation for damages that is simplicity to affect driving-related accident of high-speed railway.
Thing about instruction of member of belonging and educational training.
Thing about diligence and indolence investigation, inspection of member of belonging and service rules.
Thing about welfare program of member of belonging.
Inquiry to Yokohama-shi call center

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