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Last update date September 16, 2020

The second grade river is further 6 water system 25 rivers, 58 rivers in total in application with necessary changes river the first-grade river 5 water system 24 rivers 1 water system 9 river in Yokohama-shi, and the total extension is about 210km.
In addition, there is the River Act large number of waterway out of the application.
River where river business section plans maintenance is 17 rivers this year.
In addition, we are going to maintain retention facility as general river improvement measures in improvement of rainwater adjustment reservoir, school, park.


New update information

New update information
Publication dayItem, update information
R2.9.15We carried out living thing environmental research of Katabira River! (PDF: 273KB)
R1.11.1Please send opinion of Katabira River repair business (Kawaihoncho district) - all of you; ...

Business river

The Tsurumi River water system (figure of basin)
The Kurosuda River
Nara River
The Umeda River

Large Okagawa water system (figure of basin)
The Hino River

Katabira River water system (figure of basin)
Katabira River
Middle Horikawa
Now Igawa

The Miya River water system (figure of basin)
The Miya River

The Sakai River water system (figure of basin)
Ei Hirato Tanikawa
Akuwa River
Excellent Segawa
Maioka River
Weasel river
Izumi River
Aizawa River


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Answer about multiplication doubt statement
River construction relations material

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