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Yokohama-shi is tough; regional plan

Last update date February 9, 2021


Whenever country is tough, and natural disaster occurs, we avoid repetition of follow-up measures to spend long time, and to plan restoration revival, and time of peace says reliable society security with "strength" and "flexibility" so that it is avoided that we fall into the worst situation so that by carrying out measure to contribute to prior disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage and quick restoration revival generally and premeditatedly beforehand, various natural disasters occur to build up.
"Country contributing to emergency management, reduce disaster damage to plan realization of strongly flexible people's life is tough and, in the cause, country of such a way of thinking, establishes fundamental law" (the following, "fundamental law") in 2013 and "country is tough and devises basic plan" in 2014.
"Yokohama-shi is tough and, based on fundamental law Article 13, gathers regional plan" as thing indicating directionality of approach that country is tough that country in city limits is tough and promotes based on such a movement in Motoichi.

Country is tough

Yokohama-shi is tough; about difference between regional plan and Yokohama-shi disaster preparedness plan

Yokohama-shi worked on disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage based on "Yokohama-shi disaster preparedness plan" until now. It plans to be in the pivot that set the systems of "restoration, revival" of "prevention" plan and hatsuwazawaigo or minimum, to stop to prevent outbreak of damage caused by earthquake as for the earthquake disaster measures edition that we take measures and settled of earthquake in particular for disaster.
On the other hand, Yokohama-shi is tough, and regional plan plans to show directionality of the making of tough city where we placed approach of hardware and software from time of peace to lead to being tough including support of maintenance, update of public facilities and ⾒ defense activity in area as widely to do Yokohama-shi based on way of thinking that country that country pushes forward is tough with tougher city.

About main difference in plan
- Yokohama-shi is tough; regional plan Yokohama-shi disaster preparedness plan
Characteristic Plan indicating directionality of the making of city that evaluated approach from time of peace to assume Yokohama tough city widely Plan that included the disaster prevention, but gathered coping plan such as role allotment with the organization system and related organizations of hatsuwazawaigo, approach every plan time mainly
[type of plan]
・Earthquake disaster measures (earthquake)
・Storm and flood damage measures (heavy rains)
・City anti-disaster measures (accidents)
Target risk Overall natural disasters such as earthquake, earthquake fire, local heavy rain applies ・Earthquake
・Storm and flood damage
・City disasters such as fire, explosion, accident
The grounds method Country contributing to disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage to strongly plan realization of flexible people's life is tough; fundamental law Disaster Laws

Yokohama-shi is tough; regional plan

Yokohama-shi was tough and, on March 29, 2019, devised regional plan.

Yokohama-shi was tough and made supplementary version in regional plan 2020.

Yokohama-shi is tough, and development of regional plan passes

Yokohama-shi is tough; directional ... of regional plan (original bill) ... tough approach

Yokohama-shi was tough and devised regional plan original bill.

Yokohama-shi is tough; directional ... of regional plan (draft) ... tough approach

Yokohama-shi is tough; conduct result of public comment about regional plan

Of "Yokohama-shi is tough regional plan" (draft) thank you for many valuable opinions in public comment.
We will announce as we collected thought of Motoichi for conduct result and opinion that we had.
This public comment conduct result can read even citizen's information center (the first floor of the city hall), each ward Public Relations Section.

About conduct of public comment

[offer period: from Friday, October 12, 2018 to Monday, November 26]
※Public comment was finished
<opinion submission method>
Please send opinion by any of the following method.
(1) Contribution form
You can reply from the following address. (the outside site)
(2) Mail
We cut postcard which is attached to leaflet for public comment distributed to at the next distribution place,
Please mail (on the day effective postmark stamp unnecessary, Monday, November 26)
<distribution place of leaflet for public comment>
Each citizen information center (Yokohama-shi the first floor of the city hall)/ward office Public Relations Section
Each ward PR box (district center, service counter in the city hall)
※As you do not come with thing which printed summary version publishing in HP at mail reception desk, please be careful.
(3) We reply by FAX
045-663-4613 Policy Bureau policy section is tough, and please send to charge
(4) E-mail
[email protected] Policy Bureau policy section is tough, and please send to charge
(5) Directly bringing
Please bring in Policy Bureau policy section (Yokohama-shi the second floor of the city hall) (from 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
Style in particular does not determine, but please fill in three points of opinion about 1 Address, 2 full names, 3 this matter by all means.
・We will announce result of opinion that we had later after having arranged way of thinking of Yokohama-shi.
・Because it is necessary to grasp opinion exactly, we cannot accept opinion with telephone.
In addition, we do not make a reply of individual treatment to opinion that had you submit. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
・Personal information such as name and address that we acquired with submission of opinion is regulations of "the regulations about protection of Yokohama-shi personal information"
We manage according to this appropriately and use only purpose of notification, confirmation such as cases that you had any questions about contents of opinion.

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