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Yokohama-shi Middle four years plan 2018-2021

Last update date October 27, 2020

We had decision of assembly based on the Yokohama-shi assembly basics regulations, and "Yokohama-shi Middle four years plan 2018-2021" was settled on Thursday, October 4, 2018.

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Framework of plan

We gathered medium-and-long term strategy that surveyed 2030 (Heisei 42) and policy that you should promote chiefly for four years during plan period to let Yokohama further jump to foundation by the results that we built so far toward the future. At the same time, we showed financial and administrative operations which laid the foundation on pushing forward policy.


Because decrease is anticipated, and population of Yokohama invites the society situation that we have not experienced during current plan period until now, we work on problem and correspondence to public facilities getting older that you should solve to occur when population decline, super-aged society progresses well, and security protects reliable civic life and realizes town where we wait and want to continue living in where we want to live in.
On the other hand, international big event is held in succession during plan period by past approach, and location of the head office, research and development base of company, MICE (※) facility and pulling in customers facilities such as music halls, the opening of business of hotel are planned, too, and chance for further leap comes. In addition, road and city infrastructure maintenance such as railroads that we worked on for many years advance steadily, and improvement of traffic convenience is anticipated.
We make use of such a chance and send charm of Yokohama and tie to increase of number of visitors/exchange population from home and abroad and, also, we let you activate Yokohama economy by promoting accumulation of company and attractive pulling in customers facility more and find financial fundamental and realize sustained growth, development of city.

<international big event held during plan period>
・2019 (Heisei 31) seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development, Rugby World Cup 2019TM
・The 2020 (Heisei 32) Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics

※MICE: Generic names such as compensation, training trip (incentive trip) (Incentive Travel), international organization, group, international conference (Convention) that academic conferences perform, exhibition, trade fair, event (Exhibition/Event) that meeting (Meeting), companies such as companies perform

Basic posture

As basic posture on devising this plan, and promoting, we focus on the following point and push forward approach.

  • Approach on the basis of viewpoint of SDGs (sustainable development target)
  • Promotion of data utilization, open innovation
  • Problem solution that was made in viewpoint to local community

Development progress of plan

Development progress of plan

Progress management of plan

The approach situation (August 27, 2019) of 2018

We look back toward the middle (August 27, 2020)

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