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I received contribution of mask from volunteers of company, group in Tsuzuki Ward  !

Last update date May 13, 2020

Press release material

May 13, 2020

Tsuzuki Ward   Ward Administration Promotion Division

Daisuke Kawashima

Phone number 045-948-2220

Fax: 045-948-2399

 Maid inn followed, and (※) participant companies volunteer thought about "there being now" while infection due to new coronavirus spread what it was that "everybody was in trouble" and began examination of the making of mask.
 The staff of NPO corporation child support network which ran Tsuzuki Ward   child care support center Popola "popora" at the same time decided that there was simply because it was now of facility closing and considered whether the staff good at sewing machine produced mask.
 We agreed saying both groups where had interchange by production of indoor playground equipment cooperated each other, and "they will send mask to necessary people!" and donated 300 pieces of finished masks to ward office commencing with materials procurement and production as "project because it continued, and it was just possible".

※"Last maid in"; toha
 "Maid in continues", and toshite publicizes creation-like product, and high technique that manufacturing company located in ward has is doing support to be connected for cooperation between market reclamation and companies to promote independent development and cooperation reinforcement of small and medium size manufacturing industry in Tsuzuki Ward   at Tsuzuki Ward   government office.

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Telephone: 045-948-2226

Fax: 045-948-2399

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