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Last update date December 11, 2019

We publish report given after 2007.

Reports to affect system, the regulations to this page

2019 report

Report No. 19 (December 11, 2019) (PDF: 317KB)
<< report about proposal of correction >>

2017 report

2016 report

2015 report

Report No. 12 (March 18, 2015) (PDF: 404KB)
<< about maintenance of the regulations about specific personal information protection accompanied with introduction of social security, tax number system >>

2014 report

Report No. 11 (January 14, 2015) (PDF: 104KB)
<< report about organization carrying out third party check in specific personal information protection evaluation based on number method Article 27 Paragraph 1 >>

2013 report

Report No. 10 (November 27, 2013) (PDF: 121KB)
<< report about proposal of correction >>

2008 report

Report No. 9 (November 26, 2008) (PDF: 111KB)
<< report about proposal of correction >>

2007 report

Report No. 8 (December 12, 2007) (PDF: 107KB)
<< report about proposal of correction >>

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