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List of done government building, facilities of advertisement

Last update date November 10, 2020

Event space
NameThe offer situation
JR Sakuragicho-sta. open space event spaceUnder offer
MM21 district Flag, two-pole banner (the outside site) (page of Pacifico-yokohama)Under offer

The city hall, ward government building
NameThe offer deadline
Floor guide map (PDF: 842KB) in government building with Isogo Ward advertisementNovember 24, 2020
The alcohol antiseptic solution stands (PDF: 717KB) with Midori Ward government office advertisementThe end of the offer
Setting (PDF: 767KB) of Midori Ward government office Family Registry Division waiting for space grant number summons system, indication monitorThe end of the offer
Minami Ward synthesis government building Family Registry Division number indication board (PDF: 388KB)The end of the offer
Minami Ward general government building information dispatch dispatch monitor, free Wi-Fi (PDF: 411KB)The end of the offer
Antiseptic solution (PDF: 497KB) with Aoba Ward government office advertisementThe end of the offer
Totsuka Ward Family Registry Division window number summons, information dispatch monitor (PDF: 508KB)The end of the offer
Monitor (PDF: 598KB) who disseminates information of Totsuka Ward synthesis government building entrance and elevator hallThe end of the offer
The brochure stands (PDF: 410KB) in Tsurumi Ward synthesis government buildingFebruary 5, 2021
Naka Ward Office Main Building elevator wall surface (PDF: 536KB)The end of the offer
Nishi Ward government building elevator wall surface (PDF: 389KB)The end of the offer
Isogo Ward synthesis government building wall surface (PDF: 382KB)The end of the offer
Setting (PDF: 798KB) such as signs with Aoba Ward synthesis government building AED and advertisementThe end of the offer
Setting (PDF: 718KB) of monitor et al. for floor guide map, administrative information dispatch in government building with Izumi Ward advertisementThe end of the offer

Other facilities, land
NameThe offer situation
Municipal Hongodai house wall surface (PDF: 557KB)Under offer
Municipal Hakusan house wall surface (PDF: 756KB)Under offer
Municipal Namamugi house wall surface (PDF: 727KB)Under offer
Municipal Owariya Bridge house wall surface (PDF: 675KB)Under offer
Municipal promenade Yabe wall surface (PDF: 593KB)Under offer
Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau Tsuzuki factory outdoor advertising (PDF: 308KB)The end of the offer
Noge chikamichi stairs, Ofuna Station north exit (Kasama Exit) stairsUnder offer
Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center digital signage (the outside site) (there is condition change)Under offer
Municipal hospital advertisement outskirts guide map, in-hospital guidance monitor (PDF: 519KB) belonging toThe end of the offer
Ofuna Station north exit (Kasama Exit) wall surfaceThe end of the offer
Sotetsu Line Seya Station north and south freedom passageThe end of the offer
The Yokohama-shi training center (PDF: 352KB)The end of the offer
Chuo-toshokan the first floor of the basement learning room anterior wall side (PDF: 330KB)The end of the offer
Ofuna Station north exit (Kasama Exit) wall surface B, C1, C2, DUnder offer
京急バス basement parking areaUnder offer
Minatomirai Station contact underground passageUnder offer
Motomachi-Chukagai Station (Yamashita Park) contact underground passageUnder offer
Totsuka Station West Exit road installationsUnder offer
Higashi-Totsuka Station East Exit road installationsUnder offer
Noge chikamichiUnder offer


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(reference) official regulations concerned

Outdoor advertising notice guidelines (PDF: 465KB) to administrative property
Outdoor advertising matter connection

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