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It is "2020 Japan barrier-free projects" picture work Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau support "the challenge - Yokohama The challenge-YOKOHAMA"

We introduce picture work of "the challenge - Yokohama The challenge-YOKOHAMA" which Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau supports and "2020 Japan barrier-free projects". Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau supports both projects as public interest-like approach for the purpose of promoting thing, barrier-free to raise thing and corporate value to open place of achievement in society of children positively. As approach about area, society, employment by company, please see for reference by all means (sponsorship: body and brain).

Last update date February 17, 2021

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The challenge - Yokohama The challenge-YOKOHAMA

The challenge - Yokohama is the "company report of Yokohama" of impaired children and "workplace experience" project.

Brave man X I-NET of the challenge-YOKOHAMA-nine

2020 Japan barrier-free projects

2020 Japan barrier-free projects are projects to open place of achievement of impaired children with all of country, administration, each country Embassy and the companies in society.

2020JapanBarrierFreeProject "talks about dream at Japanese wheelchair natives, Swiss embassy!"

2020JapanBarrierFreeProject or other public works

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