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Yokohama model local contribution company

We focus on business with city company employing Yokohama citizen positively, and this system performs management that was conscious of area and authorizes companies working on social business such as environmental conservation activity, area volunteer activity through main profession and other activities based on constant standard as "Yokohama type local contribution company" and is system to support growth, development. When receive authorization, is given authorized mark, and of public information support and low interest can borrow money.

Last update date March 27, 2020

Yokohama model local contribution company authorized mark
Authorized mark





Summary of recognition system

We inform about system summaries such as "system contents" "end-point which is necessary for authorization" "merit that we can receive by authorization" on homepage of Yokohama corporate management support foundation. We publish introduction of all authorized companies and introduction of premium commendation company, ten years commendation company.
In addition, "local contribution company map" which can identify ⾝ close na yokohamakatajiikimitsugikonkigyo of school in the workplace of ⾃ house is published here.

Summary (the outside site) of system
List of authorized companies (the outside site)
List of commendation companies (the outside site)
Local contribution company map (the outside site)

Premium commendation company authorized mark
Premium company authorized mark

Ten years commendation company authorized mark
Ten years commendation company authorized mark

CSR Yokohama

It is portal site which we installed in Yokohama Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Yokohama City University CSR center, Yokohama-shi to promote local CSR in Yokohama.
In CSR Yokohama, we publish example of company working on CSR, and video introduces report by student. In addition, student that NPO where company looks for trading partner which approach refers to looks for cooperation learns from concrete instance and has various how to use.

CSR Yokohama (the outside site)

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