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Hazardous end-of-life equipment (so-called miscellaneous goods scrap)

Final update date March 4, 2019

Electrical and electronic devices that have been discontinued are often traded as valuable resources, and to date it has been difficult to seek proper management by regulating waste. However, on the other hand, proper management is required due to problems in the preservation of the living environment such as fires due to improper handling.
For this reason, from April 1, 2018, due to the revision of the Waste Management Law, 32 used electronic devices have been designated as harmful used devices, and businesses handling them must be notified and comply with the standards for storage and disposal. Has become mandatory.

1 What is harmful used equipment (so-called miscellaneous goods scrap)?

[Ministry of the Environment] Revision of the Waste Management Law and Revision of the Ordinance of the Ministry of Government-so-called miscellaneous goods scrap measures-(PDF: 3,986KB)

2 Application Form

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List of styles such as application forms
Name of application form Application Form (Word) Application Form (PDF)
Guidelines and Application Forms Examples of guidelines and application forms (PDF: 2,897KB)
Storage registration form for Storage Storage, etc. registration form (word: 19KB) registration form for Storage (PDF: 196KB)
Change registration form of Change registration form of Change (word: 16KB) Change registration form of Changes (PDF: 149KB
abolished registration form Abolition registration form: 15KB) abolished Abolition registration form (PDF: 143KB)

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