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Tsuzuki Ward   southern part water and green walk map

Last update date January 21, 2019

"It continued and, from thought to want to have you know charm of the southern part more widely and to go to visit, made walk map in commemoration of the Tsuzuki Ward   birth tenth anniversary by water and environment maintenance sectional meeting (dissolved at the end of 2006) of the green charm up promotion committee" southern part in 2004. (March, 2010 revision)
Distribution of "walk map of Tsuzuki Ward   southern part water and green" (booklet version) was finished. You would utilize printout from this page and can read in library.


  1. We are composed of information side and as to map (color universal design which considered person with partial color blindness disorder)
  2. We introduce four walks course to link railroad each station
    • A river and green walk course (Nakamachidai Station - Kamoi Station)
    • Of B hometown rise; walk course (Tsuzuki-Fureainooka Station/Nakamachidai Station - Kamoi Station)
    • History walk course of C Kawawa (Tsuzuki-Fureainooka Station - Kawawacho Station - Kamoi Station)
    • Walk course of D panorama and Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine (Nakamachidai Station - Kawawacho Station)
  3. We introduce 35 local resources, floral calendars including Shinto shrine Buddhist temple and park, tasteful path

Image of Tsuzuki Ward   southern part water and green walk map
Tsuzuki Ward   southern part water and green walk map

... which it is for ... PDF and can download

◆Collective indication
Course slideway (PDF: 9,459KB)
Map side (PDF: 9,683KB)

◆Split screen
When we print at A4 size and laminate, it is available with size about the same as the original.
・Course slideway
A course (PDF: 2,127KB)
B course (PDF: 1,629KB)
C course (PDF: 2,674KB)
D course (PDF: 4,223KB)
・Map side
In the left (PDF: 2,838KB)
Top right corner (PDF: 2,444KB)
The lower left (PDF: 2,612KB)
The lower right (PDF: 2,497KB)

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