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Tsuzuki Ward   water and green walk map (the northern part, the southern part unification are edition)

Last update date July 1, 2020

 We cooperated with inhabitants of a ward in commemoration of the Tsuzuki constituency system 20th anniversary and revised northern version, the southern part version and we unified and issued in 2014. We sell booklet version by payment (tax-included 200 yen), but can download free of charge from this homepage. 

Request to all of you enjoying walk

When we are taken a walk, let's follow manner.
・Let's take garbage home by all means.
・Let's stop walking-smoking.
・Let's certainly leave that we take flower and creature.
・Let's use public toilet neatly.
 ※That we have you call toward the facility when restroom established in facility on route is used
  I would like consideration.
・It will prevent you from entering private land without permission.
・When we take a picture, let's consider privacy.
・It will prevent it from spreading when we walk in group.
 ※When we walk in group, let's carry out infection prophylaxis such as securing distance above a certain level and mask wearing, a cough etiquette, hand-washing thoroughly.
・We follow traffic rules, and let's be careful about crossing of road.
・When we observe facility, let's follow manner that was in the place.


  1. We express difference in elevation with color and display the pitch of course
  2. A4 folio that it is easy to carry
  3. We publish scenery, amusement place map of Tsuzuki who can find the highlight and amusement place of flower, view spot in the whole ward
  4. We introduce 135 places of attractive spots with 15 walks course that assumed municipal subway each station and bus stop the starting point, terminal
    • "Instructions of walking walk" publish "life that is healthy by walking"
    • A course: Course Center-Kita Station - Center-Minami Station that follows, and walks five mountains and early deep water River
    • B course: Course Nakagawa Station - Nakagawa Station that enjoys flower of Nakagawa, and walks ridge way of Eda via former Daisen Highway
    • C course: Course Nakagawa Station - Nakagawa Station to enjoy distant view of Minato Mirai
    • D course: Course Kita-Yamada Station - Kita-Yamada Station around search for stone and shrines and temples of the twelve signs of the zodiac
    • E course: Course Higashi-Yamata Station - Higashi-Yamata Station that conflicts with history of Fuji Yamada and hometown
    • F course: Course Tsuzuki-Fureainooka Station - Kawawacho Station that remembers the old days of Kawawa accommodation, and walks now
    • G course: Course Tsuzuki-Fureainooka Station - Kawawacho Station that walks Kawawa Shimin-no-Mori from Kawawa Fuji
    • H course: Course Tsuzuki-Fureainooka Station - La La Port Yokohama around shrines and temples and Tando of Ikebe
    • I course: Course Kawawacho Station - Kawawacho Station that visits history of Kawawa, Saedo, and walks the Tsurumi River
    • J course: Course Nakamachidai Station - Nakamachidai Station to enjoy the old days now of new subdivision
    • K course: Course Nakamachidai Station - Nakamachidai Station that walks hydrangea green walk over original scenery of Tsuzuki
    • L course: Course Nakamachidai Station - Nakamachidai Station - Ikebe bus stop to enjoy bamboo forests and panorama of plateau of the east
    • M course: Course Nakamachidai Station - Higashigatacho bus stop to enjoy the prospects and Egawa murmuring city park from folding book farmland
    • N course: Course Nakamachidai Station - Tsuzuki-Fureainooka Station that walks green walk full of nature at ease
    • O course: Course Nakamachidai Station - Tsuzuki-Fureainooka Station around field of Tsuzuki vegetables
    • With "connection to Tsuzuki publish person"

Sales price

200 yen (it includes consumption tax)

Sale place

・Tsuzuki Ward   synthesis the first floor of the government building stand
・The Yokohama-shi new city hall "municipal administration publication, goods sale section" on the third floor
※We perform sale by mail To site of Yokohama-shiat "municipal administration publication, goods sale corner".

Making process

"We had you know various charm such as Tsuzuki Ward   water and water that Tsuzuki Ward   was valuable in green which visited Tsuzuki from and outside of a ward lived to walk map in commemoration of the constituency system 20th anniversary newly widely and green environment resources or historical Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine and issued for the purpose of having which lived for a long time deepen new discovery oshitemouraukotode, attachment to Tsuzuki Ward  ."
We unified existing "Tsuzuki Ward   southern part water and green walk map and "Tsuzuki Ward   northern part water and specifications of green walk map" and repeated field work and examination while adding new walk course or charm spot.
On issuing this map, in various places of the person concerned including local kindness, careful correspondence, publication permission and offer of commentary sentence thank you very much for your help. We give thanks.

Image of the situation of review meeting
The situation of review meeting

Image of the situation of field work
The situation of field work

Review meeting member photograph
Tsuzuki Ward   water and green walk map making review meeting
All the members

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