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Book-reading activities promotion

Last update date September 4, 2020

The second Tsurumi Ward book-reading activities promotion target (June, 2020)

Development purpose

In Yokohama-shi, "the regulations about promotion of book-reading activities of Yokohama citizen" were enforced on April 1, 2014. In addition, "Yokohama citizen book-reading activity promotion plan" was devised to support citizen's book-reading activities from child to elderly person widely in March, 2014.
We devised "Tsurumi Ward book-reading activities promotion aim" in February, 2015 that ward office, library, school cooperated in Tsurumi Ward based on this plan and planned promotion of book-reading activities depending on regionality of Tsurumi Ward and we collaborated with various places of group concerned with various use of inhabitant of a ward facilities and book-reading activities and pushed forward book-reading activities.
Following the fact that "the second Yokohama citizen book-reading activity promotion plan" was devised in December, 2019, Tsurumi Ward devises "the second Tsurumi Ward book-reading activities promotion aim" as thing indicating directionality of future book-reading activities promotion based on the achievement situation of past approach.
This aim is aim almost of 5 years from 2020.

Aim 1

We push forward approach for wide generations and adopt multicultural commensal viewpoint like Tsurumi Ward, and all inhabitants of a ward push forward environment creation which can get close to reading from infants to elderly person.

Aim 2

In Tsurumi Ward, a lot of facility and reading volunteers carrying book-reading activities exist, and, about each activity, go ahead through mutual information exchange and business cooperation and breed place of rich book-reading activities in the whole area.

Distribution place

Tsurumi Ward government office (the first-floor Public Relations Section, the fifth-floor Regional Promotion Division), Tsurumi library, district center, community house, community care plaza, open space (hanahanahiroba, Kitsch (kitschy)) of gathering of local child care support base (wakkunhiroba), parent and children

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