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Last update date June 19, 2019

Registration and reservation are necessary.
The use is voluntary, and, only for group, individual carrying out a public interest-like activity, activity aimed for religion, politics, profit is excluded.

High-speed press [given priority to pay, reservation]

High-speed press photograph

RICOH Satelio A450

We can print paper to A3 size (only as for the black and white, impossible color).
※ About paper, please offer respectively.

Paper fold machine

Paper fold machine photograph

Duplo DF510N

We can break paper to A3 at high speed.
(two fold, three fold, four fold)

PC (note PC)

PC photograph

Windows XP Professional

We connect documents which we made to the following printer and can print.

Inkjet printer (color)

Inkjet printer (color) photograph


We can print paper to A4 by color.
※ About paper, please offer respectively. Only stencil is printable.

Paper cutter

Paper cutter photograph


We can cut paper to A3 (up to 140 pieces).

Automatic koreta

choaikino photograph

Lion desk koreta LC=5800

We can put paper to A3 according to turn (up to ten kinds).

Rotary cutter

Rotary cutter photograph

Kokuyo rotary cutter ND63

To size various with paper to A3 setsu risoroerukogadekimasu (up to ten pieces).

Electric stapler

Electric stapler

We can turn off paper (up to 50 pieces).

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Is together; inhabitant of a ward activity center

Telephone: 045-510-1694

Telephone: 045-510-1694

Fax: 045-510-1716

E-Mail address [email protected]

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