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In detail! "unashi"

Last update date March 5, 2019

We are born in commemoration of the Tozuka constituency system 70th anniversary

In commemoration of the Tozuka constituency system 70th anniversary of 2009, mascot character "unashi" was born.
As for the design, painter Miyake my sanga from Yokohama-shi designed the best work which screening committee chose from 595 points which gathered by open call for participants.
We voted, and "unashi" where we won most was chosen inhabitant of a ward about three points that nickname was chosen as from 1,314 points that gathered in screening committee by open call for participants.
Meaning of color of spot of body pink "cherry blossoms, ham" blue "river, pond, waterfall including the Kashio River" green "forest, park, field" tea "milestone, straw sandals, Tokaido, red expresses "bill firewood" and famous place, noted product of Totsuka Ward yellow very much" "mizukimbai".
Is gentle at heart, relax, and is beef.

Profile of "unashi"

masukottounashi of Totsuka Ward

Mascot "unashi" of Totsuka Ward

Date of birth May 10, 2009

Constellation Taurus

Height 153cm

47 kg of weight

No favorite food beach

Good kinatokoro Kashio River riverbed

We sleep everywhere in the special ability

Pose of "unashi"

Image of basic (the side)
Basics (the side)

Image of basic (dancing posture)
Basics (dancing posture)

Image which we are careful about

Image which we introduce
We introduce

Image which we are pleased with
We are pleased

Image which is not appreciated
We are in trouble

Image which we are surprised at
We are surprised

Image which bows
We bow

Guidelines (PDF: 1,091KB) about design

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