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Let's collect kana character cards of "unashi"!

Last update date February 25, 2019

We distribute kana character card of "unashi"!

Character in first Kanagawa of the whole country participated and we introduced individual mascot characters with common design style and produced "kana character card".
We have mascot character with "kana character card" in the prefecture, and group approving of this plan produces for the purpose of local activation and distributes at events.
Distribution time varies according to participation groups, but card of "unashi" can receive all the next agency from Monday, June 1, 2015 other than some events that ward hosts at window of Totsuka Ward Regional Promotion Division.
You know various mascot characters in Kanagawa, and, as opportunity to go to visit various land, do you not collect "kana character cards?"

List of participation group characters (PDF: 357KB)
Press release material (PDF: 1,048KB)

"unashi" kana character card sample

Distribution place, event of "kana character card"

[Totsuka Ward Regional Promotion Division (the ninth floor of the ward office 94th window)]

Period Occasional open agency day (except (from December 29 to January 3) year-end and New Year for from Monday to Friday 8:45-17:00, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
Place: Totsuka Ward Regional Promotion Division (the ninth-floor 94th window)
Object: All of you who were made the next agency in Totsuka Ward government office

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