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Statistics of ward

Last update date August 7, 2020

Introduction of Totsuka Ward

Statistics of ward

●○Masquerading as survey by government "talk, and please be careful about investigations"!○●

For details, "we talk, and please see investigation" page to alert Motoichi statistics portal site.

●○We issued the ward group statistics handbook in Tozuka -2020 year judging from data!○●

Please utilize this year as "Tozuka judging from data" who collected basic statistical data about Totsuka Ward was issued.
We distribute booklet version at Totsuka Ward the third floor of the government office information corner, Totsuka Ward the ninth floor of the government office 92nd window.

   2020 version (PDF: 18,383KB)
   2019 version (PDF: 12,291KB)
   2018 version (PDF: 56,117KB)
   2017 version (PDF: 6,315KB)
   2016 version (PDF: 4,076KB)
   2015 version (PDF: 5,073KB)
   2014 version (PDF: 4,897KB)

●○We made Totsuka Ward handy statistics 2020!○●

We made Totsuka Ward handy statistics 2020 which we summarized representative statistics index of Totsuka Ward in this year.
It becomes information which is usable by folding when we print on both sides of one piece of paper about A3 version. Please use.

 Downloading of Totsuka Ward handy statistics 2020
 [A3 version Excel file (Excel: 1,110KB)]
 [A3 version PDF file (PDF: 787KB)]
 Downloading of Totsuka Ward handy statistics 2019
 [A3 version Ecxel file (Excel: 1,160KB)]
 [ A3 version PDF file (PDF: 1,050KB)]
 Downloading of Totsuka Ward handy statistics 2018
 [A3 version Ecxel file (Excel: 1,617KB)]
 [ A3 version PDF file (PDF: 1,093KB)]
 Downloading of Totsuka Ward handy statistics 2017
 [A3 version Excel file (Excel: 1,642KB)]
 [A3 version PDF file (PDF: 1,092KB)]
 Downloading of Totsuka Ward handy statistics 2016
 [A3 version Excel file (Excel: 1,642KB)]
 [A3 version PDF file (PDF: 1,092KB)]
 Downloading of Totsuka Ward handy statistics 2015
 [A3 version Excel file (Excel: 1,737KB)]
 [A3 version PDF file (PDF: 1,043KB)]
  Downloading of Totsuka Ward handy statistics 2014
              [(outside site) A3 (Excel: 1,054KB) version Excel file]

Way of folding
After looking at paper of A3 version in horizontal length, and having folded into half of the top and bottom, please break for mountain cage, taniorito alternation along dotted line.

Image of way of folding

(we estimate as of August 1, 2020)

The number of population, households of Totsuka Ward by estimate
 Totsuka WardYokohama-shi
The number of the households120,7091,730,612
Area (k heihometoru)35.70435.50
Population density (person /k heihometoru)7,876


Population is the fourth place in 18 wards, but population density becomes the tenth place. In addition, the first in 18 wards is wide, and area is approximately 8.2% of city limits areas.
▼The number of population, the households of other wards is this

Icon of population, household

(as of Yokohama-shi population news August 1, 2020)
[note 1]
Population and the number of the households modified the increase and decrease such as reports which the Law of the Basic Resident Registers and Census Registration Act set based on national census result of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications public announcement and estimated (as of one day a month).

Enrollment [note 2]

[note 2]
Household according to Totsuka Ward town and population (as of each end of the month day) and age-specific population (as of the end of every year March and September) according to Totsuka Ward town are Basic Resident Register population, and count method is different from "the number of population, the households" of [note 1].

Long-term time system data

Long-term time system data

Count announcement of the result of 2015 national census!

Image of general survey

Thank you for your cooperation in national census in 2015.
As count result of 2015 national census that we carried out on October 1, 2015 was announced, we will tell.
In addition, with public announcement of preliminary figure, we were recounted about population news as of ... October 1, 2015 as of October 1, 2014.
National census result population adds up basics in 2015

In Yokohama-shi, we perform statistics investigation which country appointed (basic statistics) commencing with national census every five years. Statistics investigator with identification of investigator visits each household and office, and these statistics investigation investigates questionnaire by distribution, method to collect.
Basic statistics are carried out based on law (statistical law), and, as for the result, it is important information when administration pushes forward various measures coherent to your living. As secret of investigation contents is kept absolutely quiet about based on statistical law about questionnaire having you submit by all of you, cooperation, please.

As a result of national census carried out in the past, economic general survey, industrial statistics investigation, commercial investigation

In the statistics investigation which country appointed (basic statistics), we call person performing distribution, collection, check of questionnaire "statistics investigator". Statistics investigator takes charge of the most important part in statistics investigation to communicate with subjects of survey such as household and office directly.
In addition, statistics investigator has "confidentiality". For protection of information about investigation eligible people, secret maintenance conducting research activities, severe management of questionnaire are demanded.
Person wanting to become statistics investigator look at statistics investigator tohano page. Under regular offer!

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