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With statistics investigator

Last update date February 28, 2019

With statistics investigator

In the basic statistics investigation based on statistical law, it visits people for investigation, and it is "statistics investigator" that takes charge of basic, important part in job of statistics investigation such as collection, check of request for entry and questionnaire of questionnaire.
People becoming statistics subjects of survey will know contents of thing and investigation that oneself is surveyed only after statistics investigator visiting in many cases.
It has people for investigation understand purpose or contents of investigation well in performing statistics investigation, and it is important at all to have you fill out questionnaire definitely. To this end, it is important as statistics investigator receives directly with various places for investigation in the front line of statistics investigation, to get understanding and cooperation.
In addition, statistics investigator has "confidentiality", and secret maintenance conducting research activities, severe management of questionnaire are demanded for information protection about investigation eligible people.
Person wanting to become statistics investigator, please contact Totsuka Ward government office Statistics and Elections Section (866-8315-6). We always raise.

Main job of statistics investigator

It is standard workflow of statistics investigator. It varies according to investigations about contents.

  1. Attendance to investigator desk work meeting society
  2. Preparations for investigation
  3. We visit subjects of survey
  4. Request for entry of questionnaire
  5. Collection of questionnaire
  6. Check, rearranging of questionnaire
  7. Questionnaire, investigation-related submission of documents

Request of statistics investigation

"The number of investigators to need" asks by document or telephone from investigator registrants every statistics investigation in Totsuka Ward depending on "subjects of survey area".

Social position of statistics investigator

Statistics investigator is "public employee of part-time service" appointed each investigation.

Investigator reward

The amount of reward varies in amount of money, calculation method by statistics investigation.
As a general rule, method of payment is transfer to account of financial institution which statistics investigator appoints.

Inquiry to this page

Totsuka Ward government office General Affairs Division Statistics and Elections Section

Telephone: 045-866-8315, 045-866-8316

Telephone: 045-866-8315, 045-866-8316

Fax: 045-881-0241

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