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2020 (Raiwa 2)

Last update date June 4, 2020

Information that we placed is thing at the time of issuance.

June issue

※We receive social conditions accompanied with infection spread of new coronavirus and reduce pages for Totsuka Ward.
 I would like understanding.

[top page] One-day opening from breakfast
[special feature] For the dementia prevention, have me now

May issue

[top page] As for 2020 seasons! Go for it, girl of Tozuka plays sports
[special feature] Oh? Disaster risk ... which hides behind in life of ... you here

April issue

[top page, special feature] Become Tozuka who is easy to live more
We introduce about main facility maintenance that Yokohama-shi carries out, road business and main approach of ward to become easy to spend Totsuka Ward more.


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Telephone: 045-866-8321

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