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Public information Yokohama Totsuka Ward version-Totsuka's charm special feature-

A special page on the nature and history of Tozuka has been compiled. Whether you have lived for a long time or have come to Tozuka for the first time, please read it!

Final update date April 13, 2021

History of the Old Tokaido

(Public information Yokohama Totsuka Ward version March, 2021 issue)

History of the Old Tokaido
Of the 53rd Tokaido, Tozuka-juku was established in 1604. 10 and a half miles (about 42 km) from Edo
Because it was located at a distance, it departed from Edo and became the first accommodation.
Why don't you think about the old days?

■What is the post office?
■What's the idea?

■Can you find Ukiyo-e at Tozuka Station?

■Walk around Totsuka town and look for a sign!

With this, you are also a toy!

(Public information Yokohama Totsuka Ward version February, 2021 issue)

Knowing a lot about Totsuka Ward's Nature, History,
You will definitely like Tozuka more!

■How large is Totsuka Ward's largest area in the city?
■What is Japan's oldest railway tunnel in Totsuka Ward?
■What kind of station was Higashi Totsuka Station originally planned to be?

etc. How many questions can I solve? Try it!

Park map in Totsuka Ward! Preservation version!

(Public information Yokohama Totsuka Ward version, December 2020 issue)

Let's go with parents and children! a nearby park♪

(Public information Yokohama Totsuka Ward version, August 2020 issue)

A special issue of the park that focuses on "enjoyable with parents and children"!
Surprisingly there may be parks you don't know nearby, or you may find new favorite places! ?
Why don't you go to a nearby park with your child?

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