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"To be hello Director General"

Last update date August 14, 2020

We hear about request or problem in area while Director General visiting your activity place working on in ward, and experiencing activity together.

"Wanting Director General to watch activity" looks forward to application from group, groups to "want to talk with Director General".

Target person

More than five groups at school residence, working in Sakae Ward or group. In addition, the following people, group, group cannot participate.
・Do activity against public order and morals, with the or fear, group, group
・Other exchange of opinions admitted that it is against purpose, group, group
・Litigating in the trial to assume thing and city only for the purpose of politics, religion, profit the person concerned, group, group
※Comment of slander, slander for authorized individual or group is not accepted

Application method

In telephone or FAX or E-mail
1 group name
2 activity contents
3 activity places (Address)
Full name, contact information of person in charge of 4
5 is going to participate; the number of people (more than five people)
You fill this in on application, and apply. Time is around one hour. After the application, we adjust about on the date.
Excel fileApplication (Excel: 11KB)
pdf fileApplication (PDF: 38KB)
Application (text file: 298bytes)


Sakae Ward government office Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section "is hello Director General" and is in charge
Telephone: 045-894-8335 fax: 045-894-9127 E-mail: [email protected]


We manage personal information that had you apply appropriately and will not use other than the conduct purpose of "it is hello Director General".

All of you whom we met in the past

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Sakae Ward General Affairs Department Ward Administration Promotion Division

Telephone: 045-894-8335

Telephone: 045-894-8335

Fax: 045-894-9127

E-Mail address [email protected]

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