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Opinions and suggestions to Midori Ward City Opinions and Suggestions

Final update date September 3, 2020

In Midori Ward City is focusing on public hearing as well as public relations to inform the city of information.
The purpose of public hearing is to listen to the "voices" sent directly or indirectly from citizens and to reflect them in policies and businesses in cities and wards.
Please send various opinions, requests and suggestions of everybody to realize better municipal administration and ward administration.

Midori Ward City Office Opinion Box

We install "Midori Ward City Office Opinion Box has been set up on the first floor of the ward office to listen to opinions, suggestions, requests, etc. from the ward office visitors and to use it for the operation of the ward office.

Fure Ai ♡ Talk (From H29)

The mayor of Midori will interview everyone who is active in the area!

Please contact Midori Public Works Office 045-981-2100) for inquiries and opinions regarding roads and road facilities (curve mirrors, street lights, etc.), rivers and sewers.

As a contact information when you notice it, we have created a "List of Contact Information for Requests and Inquiries (PDF: 729KB)" that guides you to the department in charge. Please use it when you contact us.

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