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Agricultural district

Final update date March 3, 2020

What is the agricultural district system?

This is Yokohama's unique agricultural promotion policy aimed at establishing urban agriculture and protecting the urban environment.
By designating collective farmland as a dedicated agricultural area and implementing agricultural promotion measures, we are working to preserve farmland.

What happens if you are designated as an agricultural district?

1. The following agricultural promotion measures are implemented with priority, and high-price assistance is available for business implementation based on the basic plan for agricultural promotion.

2.Even if it is set up in an agricultural area, there is no new regulation in addition to the existing land use regulations (agricultural promotion area, agricultural land area, etc.).

(Note 1) Agriculture promotion area
It is an area designated by the prefectural governor to promote agriculture.

(Note 2) Agricultural land area
About excellent farmland in agriculture promotion area, it is set to secure use for agriculture and is area where use as farmland was established by farmland use plan.

Currently, 28 districts and 1,071.0ha of agricultural districts are designated in Yokohama City.

On January 9, 2015, Tokaichiba-ku Tokaichi Market-cho, Midori-ku) was designated as the 28th district's exclusive agricultural district on January 9, 2015.

The location, name and area of the agricultural district in the city are as follows in the order of registration.

No. 1: Ikebe Agricultural Area (60.0ha)
No.2: Eastern Agricultural Area (60.0ha)
No.3: Orimoto Agricultural Area (43.0ha)
No.4: Okuma Agricultural Area (20.0ha)
No.5: Shinha Okuma Agricultural Area (23.0ha)
No. 6: Ushikubo Agricultural Area (24.0ha)
No. 7: Sugeta Hazawa Agricultural Area (61.1ha)
No. 8: Higashimatano Agricultural Area (65.7ha)
No. 9: Nishitani Agricultural Area (25.2ha)
No. 10: Hitorizawa Agricultural Area (20.9ha)
No.11: Taya-Nagaodai Agricultural Area (35.1ha)
No.12: Noba Agricultural Area (43.4ha)
No. 13: Nakata Agricultural Area (40.0ha)
No. 14: Namikiya Agricultural Area (35.0ha)
No. 15: Kamikawai Agricultural Area (35.3ha)
No. 16: Kamiseya Agricultural Area (92.0ha)
No. 17: Maioka Agricultural Area (102.7ha)
No. 18: Kojaku Agricultural Area (25.7ha)
No. 19: Kamoi Higashihongo Agricultural Area (19.1ha)
No. 20: Teraya Agricultural Area (86.1ha)
No. 21: Hirado Agricultural Area (8.8ha)
No.22: Kamoihara Agricultural Area (17.1ha)
No. 23: Shiba Agricultural Area (17.4ha)
24: Hoki Agricultural Area (14.7ha)
No.25: Saedo Miyahara Agricultural Area (8.6ha)
No. 26: Kita-Hatsusaku Agricultural Area (39.8ha)
No. 27: Nagatsudadai Agricultural Area (25.7ha)
No. 28: Tokaichiba Agricultural Area (21.6ha)

For inquiries about agricultural districts, see below.

Environmental Planning Bureau Agricultural Administration Promotion Division: 045-671-2608
Northern Agricultural Administration Office: 045-948-2480 (Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Hodogaya, Asahi, Kohoku, Midori, Aoba, Tsuzuki Ward  )
Southern Agricultural Administration Office: 045-866-8493 (West, Middle, South, Konan, Isoko, Kanazawa, Tozuka, Sakae, Izumi, Seya Ward)

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