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Yokohama urban agriculture promotion plan

"Yokohama urban agriculture promotion plan" is plan that gathered up figure which future urban agriculture in big city, Yokohama aims at and agriculture measure including business to work on in the future to cope with environmental change to surround agriculture of Yokohama and problem that farmers hold, various citizen's needs.

Last update date August 23, 2019

Yokohama urban agriculture promotion plan 2019-2023

Because plan period for five years is finished "Yokohama urban agriculture promotion plan" that we survey urban agriculture of Yokohama about ten years later in 2014 and devised in 2018, thing which set as plan for five years in the next term is "Yokohama urban agriculture promotion plan 2019-2023".
Based on environmental changes to surround agriculture of last Yokohama, we revised on November 5, 2018 while succeeding to basic principles.
In addition, we place this plan as "local planning" about promotion of urban agriculture of Yokohama-shi to fix for Basic Law for urban agriculture promotion.

Yokohama urban agriculture promotion plan 2019-2023

Yokohama urban agriculture promotion plan 2019-2023 cover

(reference) As a result of civic opinion offer

We heard about opinion of citizen's all of you on establishing approach content of "Yokohama urban agriculture promotion plan 2019-2023" newly.
Opinion offer results are as follows.

Conduct result

Implementation period: It is Thursday, May 31, 2018 from Tuesday, May 1, 2018
Conduct result: 1,018 number of submissions, number of the opinions 1,379

Yokohama urban agriculture promotion plan (2014-2018)

Yokohama urban agriculture promotion plan (2014-2018)

Plans from 2014 to 2018 are this.

Yokohama urban agriculture promotion plan 2014-2018 cover

The results and evaluation for 5 years

We gathered the approach situation of five years from 2014 to 2018 and evaluated.

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