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Bicycle insurance

Bicycle is convenient, simple vehicle which anyone can get on, but serious traffic accident may occur when one step is wrong. Let's join insurance to compensate for compensation for damages by bicycle accident that bicycle accidents that large amount of compensation is necessary for increase and reduce financial burden when it was victim relief and assailant when we were in an accident.

Last update date June 2, 2020

Bicycle insurance participation situation check seat

Insurance to compensate for compensation for damages responsibility by bicycle accident includes insurance to accompany collective insurance, credit card and TS mark such as voluntary insurance, fire insurance, accident insurance, mutual aid, company of car as well as liability insurance for pedalers.
Using the following checks sheet, we will confirm about your participation situation.

List of bicycle insurance by cooperation company about participation promotion of Yokohama-shi bicycle insurance

In Yokohama-shi, we work on participation promotion activity of bicycle insurance in cooperation with private business person.
We introduce bicycle insurance by cooperation company. For details, please refer to each company.

Bicycle insurance imposition enlightenment flyer

Bicycle insurance imposition enlightenment flyer

The regulations (the April 1, 2019 enforcement) about promotion of the use that is appropriate by security of Kanagawa bicycle

It prescribes about participation imposition such as approach for the safely appropriate use of bicycle, conduct of road safety education, bicycle compensation for damages liability insurance. For more details, please confirm homepage of Kanagawa. (the outside site)

Road safety enlightenment flyer downloading

Attitude survey about "rule and the insurance participation situation of bicycle"

In late years example that assailant of accident with bicycle takes large amount of compensation responsibility occurs.
When we rode bicycle in Yokohama-shi, participation such as bicycle liability insurance was obliged by "the regulations about promotion of the use that was appropriate by security of Kanagawa bicycle".
On this questionnaire having cooperate with citizen's all of you, and investigating consciousness to rule in use of participation situation and bicycle to bicycle liability insurance, the use environment of bicycle, and pushing forward future business; refer to.

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