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In the water reproduction center, it is water quality test annual report

We list about the main facilities, disposal of water reproduction center results of 11 city, water quality test result.

Last update date November 21, 2019

2018 water quality test annual report

It is for the division

We release water quality test annual report of after 2004 and 1970, 1955, 1990, 2007, 2000. In addition, summary is released about after 1998, too.
In addition, printing plate after 1975 can be browsed by Chuo-toshokan. Please inquire for (from 1969 to 1949) before that.

Water quality test annual report (as file size is big, please be careful) before that

As follows only as for the summary version. Look at the whole version in Chuo-toshokan.

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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