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Western water reproduction center

"Water and green village"

Last update date July 21, 2020

The western water reproduction center appearance


About summary

There is western water reproduction center in boundary with Fujisawa-shi located at the southwestern part of Yokohama-shi.

Processing ward is Seya Ward, most of the Izumi Ward and small portion of 1/3 and Midori Ward of Totsuka Ward.

We are gathered to western water reproduction center under the natural flow by three filthy water main lines, and filthy water drained from each family in processing ward discharges water which it processed here into the Sakai River.

Sludge occurring in processing process is sent to southern sludge exploitation of resources center and is processed with sludge of other water reproduction centers.

Western water reproduction center covers facility to water-treat for the first time in Yokohama-shi double and we further establish deodorization facilities and plan environment harmony with the neighborhood.

Pumping station (Futatsu Bridge underpass) is in processing ward and we run by distant place monitoring control unit in western water reproduction center and watch.

Summary of western water reproduction center
Item Contents
Plottage 104,940㎡
Plan processing area 3,813㏊
Plan processing population 270,300 people
Plan processing capacity 106,400㎥/ day
Sludge processing We do oshiso to southern sludge exploitation of resources center and handle

About characteristic

Western water reproduction center faces the Sakai River, and the fields and grove of miscellaneous trees are frequent in the neighborhood.

Animals turn up every parent and child of spotbill duck and wild pheasant, season including raccoon dog.

We can see firefly in summer, too.

Blessed with rich natural environments, it operated in this way as water reproduction center of complete arm of a river in 1983.

About facility visit meeting information


The details click event name, and please confirm.

Conduct planned event
Event name On the date The reception desk situation

Facility visit meeting toward the hope

After having made a reservation over telephone beforehand as general facility visit meeting accepts at any time, please submit the following applications.

Reception desk period
It is from 9:00 to 17:00 on Friday from Monday ※January 3 is excluded from holiday, holiday, December 29.

About access

You get off at JR Fujisawa Station, and please take bus in bus center of the Fujisawa Station north exit.

System number is door 81, wisteria 54, 3 system one of the ship 65.

Seat-load time of bus is from ten minutes to 15 minutes.

Please get off at "gun accommodation" bus stop after being over Fujisawa Bridge.

Type of bus system
System number Way Destination
Door 81 Harajuku way Tozuka bus center line
Wisteria 54 Harajuku way Matano Park, Yokohama Coll. of Pharmacy van
Ship 65 Harajuku, land tax officer way Ofuna Station West Exit line

Here is "gun accommodation" bus stop.

Pedestrian bridge is seen in line of bus when we get off at this "gun accommodation" bus stop. Please turn left at the signal with this pedestrian bridge.

Please turn left at the next signal again after turning left at the signal with pedestrian bridge. There is long downhill slope.

We turn left at here, and western water reproduction center is on the left side under long downhill slope.

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The western part of Environmental Planning Bureau sewer Facilities Department water reproduction center

Telephone: 045-852-6471

Telephone: 045-852-6471

Fax: 045-852-7604

E-Mail address [email protected]

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