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Management, maintenance of Yokohama-shi community threshold

Last update date September 10, 2018

With 1 Yokohama-shi community threshold

We install "Yokohama-shi community threshold" in the cause, the city of advice and instruction of Geographical Survey Institute and Japanese surveying association to supplement national triangulation point to use as threshold of surveying work in Yokohama-shi.
We can confirm surveying result of Yokohama-shi community threshold by "road account book reading system" (image: 33KB) installing in the Road and Highway Bureau road Security Research Division and each ward engineering works office.
In addition, after the Great East Japan Earthquake, we announce surveying result as "world land surveying system" (land surveying result 2011).

About 2 management maintenance

As Yokohama-shi community threshold sets up mainly on the road, removal may be necessary at the time of construction with digging on road.
Therefore discussion with City of Yokohama, Road and Highway Bureau road Security Research Division, please based on "Yokohama-shi community threshold management maintenance summary" (PDF: 753KB) when we perform construction with digging for appropriate management of Yokohama-shi community threshold on road. (as for the concrete procedure content "Yokohama-shi community threshold management maintenance summary guide (PDF of going through the procedure please confirm 3,214KB)".)

Type of 3 Yokohama-shi community thresholds

(figure of structure)
DetailsClass※Setting placeNotation in figure of Yokohama-shi community threshold network (image: 42KB)MarkRemarks
This primary point (PDF: 143KB)We assume only national triangulation point known point.First class thresholdIt is the building roof mainlyThis primary pointEccentric point, hoihyo (jijohyofukumi mu)
Primary supplementary point (PDF: 95KB)It is open point that assumed primary point known point.
We can use as this primary point.
First class thresholdIn road
(the manhole)
Primary supplementary point 
This second point (PDF: 121KB)We install this primary point and primary supplementary point by multiangular method as known point.The second class thresholdIn roadThis second point 
The second panel point (PDF: 109KB)It is halfway point of this primary point and this second point.The second class thresholdIn roadThe second panel pointYokohama-shi community threshold management maintenance summary is not intended

※Class by Yokohama-shi road account book work regulations

4-related material

Yokohama-shi community threshold management maintenance summary (PDF: 753KB)
Guide (PDF: 3,214KB) of Yokohama-shi community threshold management maintenance summary procedure

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