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Social Education Committee Meeting

Final update date December 7, 2020

1. Installation purpose

It is set up to advise the Board of Education on social education (organizational educational activities mainly conducted for young people and adults other than school education).


(1) Planning social education plans
(2) Proposals for the Board of Education's consultation
(3) Research Survey

3. Based on installation

Social Education Law (1949)
"Yokohama City Social Education Committee Ordinance" (1950)
"Yokohama City Social Education Committee Meeting Rules" (1950)

4 Organization

(1) 10 members
(2) Term of office 2 years (however, only once does not hinder the term of office)
(3) The chair convenes as needed.

5. The 32nd Social Education Committee Meeting

(1) Term of office November 30, 2018-November 29, 2020
(2) The 32nd Yokohama-shi social education committee list (PDF: 103KB)

About the 32nd Yokohama City Social Education Committee Meeting

List of Meetings
Announcement of MeetingMinutes of minutes
1st (November 30, 2018)

Minutes page

2nd (March 22, 2019)
3rd (July 2, 2019)
4th (October 28, 2019)
Fifth (July 9, 2020)
6th (September 3, 2020)
7th (October 29, 2020)

Proposal of the 32nd Yokohama City Social Education Committee Meeting
-About expansion of base of social participation in Motoichi-
pdf fileOverall version (PDF: 2,444KB)
pdf fileSummary version (PDF: 1,319KB)
pdf filePress release document (PDF: 1,550KB)

7 Previous Social Education Committee Meeting [Reference]

Past discussion themes

Phase 23

"About the way of citizen's voluntary activities and lifelong learning support in Yokohama City" (outside site)

Phase 24

"How to cooperate with schools, homes, and local roles in a lifelong learning society-to promote local school support activities-" (outside site)

"How to cooperate with schools, homes, and communities in a lifelong learning society-Cooperation with schools and communities to enhance home education-" (outside site)


"How to utilize schools and lifelong learning facilities in the five-day school age-To promote the use of children-" (outside site)

Phase 26

"About" Child care education "in Yokohama-shi-Let's bring up together-children of Yokohama-" (outside site)

The 27th Phase

The future of children whose "relationships and connections" are developed (outside site)

The 28th Phase

About measures to promote home education participation of "father" (outside site)

Phase 29

"Aiming to improve home education-how to support parents' learning-"

pdf fileFull text (PDF: 1,998KB)

pdf fileSummary version (PDF: 447KB)

Phase 30

"Problems and Outlooks for Schools and Regional Cooperation"

pdf fileFull text (PDF: 1,728KB)

pdf fileSummary version (PDF: 431KB)

Phase 31

"Yokohama, a town where books connect people
-About the possibility of community building through reading-"

pdf fileFull text (PDF: 2,144KB)

pdf fileSummary version (PDF: 176KB)

8 Minutes of past Yokohama City Social Education Committee meetings

Minutes of the 30th Yokohama City Social Education Committee Meeting

Minutes of the 31st Yokohama City Social Education Committee Meeting

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