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Guidance of social movement, lifelong learning support center

Final update date March 4, 2019

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In order to support the lifelong learning of everyone who wants to start something and want to do various activities with more people, Yokohama City has established the "Citizens' Activities and Lifelong Learning Support Center". The counselor supports your "lifelong learning" through learning information provision and learning consultation.

Provision of learning information

We provide information necessary for promoting learning such as course contents, recruitment methods, facility locations and usage methods using the Lifelong Learning Information System. You can also pick up flyers and information papers and see them.

Types of main learning information provided

Types of main learning information provided
Lectures and EventsInformation on lectures, lectures and events held in cities, wards, and the private sector
Facilities and PlacesInformation on district centers, community houses, libraries and sports facilities
Information sourceInformation on specialized organizations such as international exchange, gender equality, child care, welfare, culture, etc.
Groups and GroupsInformation such as learning groups and volunteer groups in the city
Lecturer and VolunteerInformation on lifelong learning instructors, instructors, and registrants of human resources banks
Teaching materials and equipmentInformation on teaching materials and equipment used for lectures, lectures, study sessions, etc.
QualificationInformation on national qualifications
Learning content, plan, resultsInformation on learning techniques, methods and results presentation methods

Study consultation

The counselor will discuss with you questions about group activities and learning activities, and advise on learning plans and methods.

Consultation case

  • I'm looking for a computer course to learn from the basics.
  • I'd like to use my special skills to teach local people by volunteering.
  • I'd like to check the temples and shrines in the city.
  • Please tell me where I can rent a projector screen.
  • I have a small child. Is there a course with childcare?
  • I want a friend to study together, please introduce a circle.
  • I'm looking for someone to be a lecturer in a study group.
  • I'd like to learn Braille and volunteer.
  • I want to show my child fireflies. Where can I see them?
  • Please tell me about the festivals in the city.
  • I'd like to get a nursing care qualification.

Lending of learning equipment

We rent equipment necessary for learning activities, such as wireless amplifiers and microphones, projectors, slide projectors, and childcare toys. You can also use a printing machine to make flyers.
●You will need to register for use, so please bring a driver's license and other items that can confirm your name and address.
Please contact each support center for detailed usage.

Exchange Corner

We have a meeting table. You can use it alone or with your friends. Please use the meeting table for meetings and light work.
Please contact each support center for detailed usage.

Inquiries to this page

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Telephone: 045-671-3282

Fax: 045-224-5863

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