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Picture book [we communicate by children's song] to enjoy by hug on knee

Last update date March 15, 2019

"Dandle of baby; person "is picture book still quick in?" not to recognize person." Do you not sing children's song?
Children's song carried beautiful Japanese on board in rhythm that child felt comfort and we sang from the old days and have been inherited. Base of words to "talk" about "hearing" is made while we enjoy children's song.
Please play parent and child in spite of being pleasure repeatedly repeatedly.

Point of three children's songs

  1. We are relaxed, and let's enjoy contact of parent and child
  2. Let's play repeatedly slowly while seeing reaction of baby.
  3. As for the baby, it is touched face and sometimes hates being tickled. Let's play another children's song in such a case without forcing to do.

We will play children's song


On words, please touch face kindly. Baby is gradually expression gayawarakunatteikimasu feeling pleasantly.

  1. All (we pat two times of corner of the eye of baby)
  2. We do (we trace two times of nose lines)
  3. We have hairy caterpillar (we trace two times of eyebrows)
  4. Cloud ear mushroom (we pick up two times of earlobes quietly)
  5. chu (we touch lips quietly)


It is play that we can enjoy to primary schoolchild. Child concentrates on movement of adult of the hand what kind of movement comes next while throbbing.

  1. With Tokyo (beat palm of baby with forefinger)
  2. nihombashi (we beat palm of baby with forefinger and the middle finger)
  3. Scratchily of mountain (scratch with finger scratchily)
  4. panyasanto (we swat with pirn)
  5. Two cat (pinch)
  6. kaidannobotte (by arm of baby from bottom to the top)
  7. kochokochokocho ... (tickle)


It is wordplay that hung "four villages" and "buttocks". We touch various parts including head and shoulder, and let's play so that the last terminates in buttocks.

  1. ichiri (we pick up both toes)
  2. niri (we catch ankle of both legs)
  3. sanri (we catch knee of both legs)
  4. Buttocks buttocks buttocks (we tickle both ends of buttocks)

When do not understand singing; by all means of library talk, and please come to meeting.

We want to know more children's songs (book serving as a reference)

Reference materials of children's song ※We understand whether you are loaning when we click title.
Title Author Publishing company Contents of book
We hit play of agarimesagarimeokaasanto child (the outside site) Setsuko Majima/picture Bear's cub company It is picture book which can be idle while seeing painting with child.
Baby and mother sannoasobiutaehon (the outside site) Emiko Kobayashi/edition nora bookstore It is with "how to play" and introduces play to be possible in parent and child to pretty illustration.
By "children's song" introduction to child care (the outside site)

Abe Yae/work
Friend editorial department/edition of Gospel building bookstore mother

The Gospel building bookstore We introduce children's song which is useful for various scenes of childcare.

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