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23 days are "civic book-reading activities promotion month" every year every month in November "day of civic reading". Librarian of each library introduces book which Yokohama City Library possesses.

Last update date November 23, 2020

We jump on online catalog page when we click image. We know the possession situation in Yokohama City Library.


Title "World words that we cannot translate"
Author: Gills Francis Sanders/work illustration
    Mayumi Maeda/reason
Publisher: Wound former company
The issuance year: 2016

When is excited, say "feeling (KILIG (kirigu)) that butterfly flies in stomach" in Tagalog, and for Malay in "the time required (PISAN (pisan) ZAPRA (the plastic)) when eat banana" as for the words.
We collected unique words not to be able to translate with a word.

We introduce this book from "product for yondemiyokonna book junior high students 2018" of Yokohama City Library.


Title kamereon diary "chikuma Japanese literature 012 Atsushi Nakajima"
Publishing company: Tsukama bookshop
The issuance year: 2008

"The moon over a mountain note" that is published in textbook speaking of Atsushi Nakajima is famous, do you know that there is work which we did on the stage of Yokohama? Title "kamereon diary." It is short story about several days that main character working as teacher of natural history at girls' school spent with Chameleon. Human relations with suffering of main character and other teachers are drawn carefully and learn sympathy in living figure of human being who is the same as the present when 80 years or more passed from writing.
In addition, description that main character suffers from asthma in girls' school teachers of Yokohama reminds of Nakajima. It is the highlight of this work that Nakajima has a glimpse through main character, and get whether Nakajima had suffering like main character. Particularly, it is felt, and, as for the description to go around hill of last Yamate, taste that flower and building coloring narrow path weave seems to take a walk together at all.
"kamereon diary" is recorded in "the complete works of Atsushi Nakajima" or the "complete series of chikuma Japanese literature 36" (the outside site) of Tsukama bookshop. As it is dozens of pages of short novels, person who is unfamiliar to literature may be readable easily.

We introduce this book from Chuo-toshokan investigation Documentation Section.


Title "Japan cheap candy factory"
Author: Beretta/ work
Publisher: Snow grouse company
The issuance year: 2018

Cheap candy which attracts person eating all through the ages. Based on coverage to cheap candy factory, we can taste thought and secret story of builder at a loss for one small one. We publish pop photograph turning image of cheap candy completely!
Tsurumi library introduced this book with September, 2020 issue for public information Yokohama Tsurumi Ward.


Title "The 50th anniversary of the foundation of Ayumi Japan Ice Cream Association of ice cream"
Author: "Ayumi of ice cream" editing Committee/edition
Publisher: Japan Ice Cream Association
The issuance year: 2016

We explain history of domestic ice cream 150 that began in Yokohama in 1869 with many package photographs happily in detail. Product good old in ice cream production and sales circumstances and the old days every times, still popular basic goods, introduction of the maker companies. It is one book which ice feels like eating interestingly even if we look even if we read.

Sakae library introduced this book with August, 2020 issue for public information Yokohama Sakae Ward.


Title "Character is messy!"
Author: Nobunaga Shinbo/work
Publisher: Bungeishunju Ltd.
The issuance year: 2017

 Author who reached 50 years old is amazed at dirtiness of own character, and easy money has a hard fight for "character of feeling that is good like adult".
 Result that repeated exercise and studies including inspection of character of interview, writer and celebrities to poor people comparison of pen character how-to book, people who were good at attendance, character in pen character classroom?

Minami Library introduced this book with July, 2020 issue for public information Yokohama Minami Ward.


Title "Rain crown kanji handbook"
Author:Peaceful character(swastika not to get) Jiro/work
Publisher: soomoisha
The issuance year: 2018

 Can you write kanji of "rain crown" how many, everybody?
 When it is handy dictionary of classical Chinese explained in Japanese, kanji from 50 to around 60 appears. Why will there be zero "0" and "the soul" irrelevant to weather; ...
 We take up 26 kanjis in this book, but are surprise that there are such many topics and history in one kanji. It is one which can read thought that people put on letter in spite of being feeling with fascination of the old days. By the way, kanji of what about 350 "rain crown" appeared in the most detailed dictionary of classical Chinese explained in Japanese of Kanazawa library!

 Kanazawa library introduced this book with June, 2020 issue for public information Yokohama Kanazawa Ward.


Title "We walk modern times of prefectural capital story 47 downtown area space"
Author: Yukio Nishimura/work
Publisher: yu*kaku
The issuance year: 2018

 Author, "story is in every city" is specialist in town development. We walk 47 cities to clue in map and old photograph and investigate history.
 Story of Yokohama-shi "immovable city axis city." To date Nihon Odori Avenue which there continues being in center of politics is talked about to the leading role. Conquer all cities;, too, and browse curious city;, too. Vanity of city that we knew by sight may change.
 Do you not take a trip to past and present of city in book slowly and carefully?

Tozuka library introduced this book with February, 2020 issue for public information Yokohama Totsuka Ward.


Title "The world of mushrooms riumu to enjoy in room"
Author: Kazutomo Higuchi/work
The issuance year: 2019

Have you imagined that everybody brought up mushroom in house? There may be person who has heard the word aquarium or terrarium, but introduces "mushrooms riumu" bringing up mushrooms in this book. Including how to make and the way of simple bacteria floor of care for mushrooms is commented in detail.
Form and color are cute when we look at mushrooms carefully and are wonderful as interior, and what growing moment and state growing up can see looks happy.

Midori Library introduced this book on website.


Title "Delicious *shoku beru cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms to know to look" at
Author: Makoto Hiraide/compilation
Publisher: Asahiya publication
The issuance year: 2016

 We introduce various cakes and dishes, souvenirs using cherry blossoms. We publish recipe of cherry blossoms dishes to be able to make at home including "potage of cherry blossoms and potato" "chicken Shah Shoo bowl of cherry blossoms" 20 kinds or more. Famous spots for its cherry blossoms of the whole country and basic knowledge about cherry blossoms appear, too, contents which are the most full of cherry blossoms. It is one of the person required reading to love cherry blossoms.

Asahi library introduced this book with March, 2020 issue for public information Yokohama Asahi Ward.


Title "Wonder and mystery along Sotetsu"
Author: The Hiroaki Hamada/supervision
Publisher: jitsugyokorenichihonsha
The issuance year: 2017

 "We follow Soutetsu Line, history of 100 years!" "Sabah Shrine" which "there is in the Sakai River basin is anything"; is one to be able to sometimes read easily to want to know knowledge on a wide variety of subjects that is accompanied not only about nado, railroad along the line.

Izumi Library introduced this book with February, 2020 issue for public information Yokohama Izumi Ward.


Title "The world of strange, beautiful stone"
Author: Hideharu Yamada/work
Publisher: Tsukama bookshop
The issuance year: 2017

 It is new book readable easily, but design of stone that a lot of color pages vary is seen. We totally have "stone of Florence" with design such as paysage and colorful striped patternAgateWe can thoroughly enjoy beauty that nature including (menou) creates.

Tsurumi library introduced this book with January, 2020 issue for public information Yokohama Tsurumi Ward.


Title "Man who called for the Olympics in Tokyo"
Author: Ryo Takasugi/work
Publisher: KADOKAWA
The issuance year: 2018

On seeing title, there may be more associating in main character "Masaji Tabata" of Taiga Drama Series. American residence Nisei "Fred, Isami Wada" who developed invitation activity abroad in response to Tabata and others is the leading role of this story.
During the Pacific War, achievement of postwar swimming in Japan was ray of hope for people of Japanese descent who experienced hardships. Wada cast materials aside and took care of team which made an expedition to the United States. Tabata of Japan Swimming Federation chairperson who got to know by the relationship talks about dream of "the Tokyo Olympics" to Wada.
Japan which ran for host country for meeting before long in 1964. ... which surrounds each country energetically to persuade committee member of Central and South America where Mr. and Mrs. Wada hold the key to the results of an election

Kanazawa library introduced this book with October, 2019 issue for public information Yokohama Kanazawa Ward.

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