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It is public comment conduct result about the ways such as ward government building parking lots

Last update date July 10, 2018

When Vaccinations and infants medical examination are carried out in ward government building parking lot, and entertainment is performed in public hall of juxtaposition, they are crowded depending on time on day, and the long-time use and the use of which can come any place other than the ward office are founded in a part.
Therefore we carried out public comment to consider charge from points of view of use of equitableness, benefit principle and parking lot with people who used public transport about the way in ward government building parking lots of appropriateness and promotion of effectively utilizing, and to be considering, and to write on April 8 from March 7, 2008, and to recruit opinions from citizen's about switching the way and parking lots such as future ward government building parking lots to paid service widely. 
We will tell as conduct result was finished.
In conduct of public comment, we appreciate your sending a large number of valuable opinions over many divergences.

・June 30, 2008 news release
We announce conduct result of public comment about "the ways such as ward government building parking lots"! (PDF: 890KB)

1 public comment conduct result

Public comment conduct result (PDF: 6,788KB)

Opinion offer brochure (PDF: 423KB) (give advice, and, as of ※, do not raise.)

<conduct summary>

Implementation period

From Friday, March 7, 2008 to Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Question item

"Opinion, suggestion about switching to paid service as the ways such as future ward government building parking lots"

Brochure distribution method

To person from next agency in each ward office directly distribution, each ward office Public Relations Section,
PR box, citizen's vitality promotion locality area facility section, administrative administration Coordination Bureau General Affairs Division,
Citizen's information center

The distribution number of copies

About 14,200 copies

Opinion submission method

Postcard, facsimile attached to brochure, E-mail bringing

The application total number

520 of them

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