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Public comment conduct result about the way such as ward office parking lots

Final update date July 10, 2018

The ward office parking lot is crowded depending on days and hours, such as when a Vaccinations public hall City and infant health checkups, and when events are held in the attached city. The use of those who can come is also seen.
Therefore, from the viewpoint of fairness with people using public transportation, beneficiary burden and proper use of parking lots and promotion of effective use of parking lots, etc., we will consider how to use the ward government building parking lot, etc. We are conducting public comments from March 7 to April 8, 2008, in order to widely solicit opinions from citizens about the future of ward government building parking lots and parking lots. Was implemented. 
We will inform you that the results have been finalized.
In carrying out public comments, we thank you for your many valuable opinions.

・Press release on June 30, 2008
We announce conduct result of public comment about "the way of ward Government building parking lots"! (PDF: 890KB)

1 Public comment implementation results

Public comment conduct result (PDF: 6,788KB)

Opinion offer brochure (PDF: 423KB) (* We do not currently offer opinions.)

<Summary of Implementation>

Implementation period

From March 7, 2008 (Friday) to April 8, 2008 (Tuesday)

Question items

"Opinions and suggestions about charging for future ward office parking lots, etc."

Brochure distribution method

Direct distribution to government officials in each ward office, each ward office Public Relations Section of each ward office.
PR box, Citizen Vitality Promotion Bureau Regional Facility Section, Administrative Administration Coordination Bureau General Affairs Division,
Citizen Information Center

Number of copies distributed

Approximately 14,200 copies

Opinion Submission Method

Postcards with brochures, facsimiles, e-mails, etc.

Number of applicants


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