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Knowledge of tax

Last update date May 21, 2020

You can download "knowledge of 2020 version tax" from this.

What is knowledge of tax?

We explain seven taxes of Yokohama-shi including municipal tax and property tax clearly.

In addition, you can see "knowledge of tax" in each ward office Tax Division window, financial Leading court lady tax part.

Collective downloading

Please see knowledge (PDF: 5,146KB) of version tax in 2020.

  • Pages: Page 64
  • Format: PDF file
  • Making department: Yokohama-shi finance Leading court lady tax part Tax Division
  • Issuance time: May, 2020
  • Reading place: Tax Division window of each ward office, financial Leading court lady tax part

We download separately

The division downloading from this (please click each entry or PDF file icon).

Knowledge of 2020 version tax
EntryPages, formatMain contents
Cover, Yokohama green tax, table of contents (PDF: 873KB)Page 3, Portable Document FormatYokohama green tax, table of contents
Summary (PDF: 636KB) of Chapter 1 2020 taxation system revisionPage 2, Portable Document FormatMain contents of 2020 taxation system revision
City tax (PDF: 2,392KB) of Chapter 2 Yokohama-shiPage 42, Portable Document FormatTo pay personal municipal tax, municipal tax of corporation, Yokohama green tax, property tax, urban planning tax, light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei), other tax, city tax
Summary (PDF: 417KB) of Chapter 3 prefectural tax, national taxPage 2, Portable Document FormatPrefectural tax, national tax of Kanagawa
Summary (PDF: 756KB) of Chapter 4 2020 budgetPage 2, Portable Document FormatPoint of budget, budget scale, breakdown of general account budget
Chapter 5 2020 city tax income (PDF: 253KB)Page 2, Portable Document FormatWith 2020 city yield of taxes sum with possibility, trend of recent city tax income
Other various guidance (PDF: 2,029KB)Page 11, Portable Document FormatReport, payment procedure (eLTAX), report, payment procedure (e-Tax) of national tax using the Internet, various window information for city tax using the Internet

About information of prefectural tax, national tax

As for the knowledge of tax, it is only fill-in about tax (prefectural tax) of Kanagawa and tax (national tax) of country for booklet which we compiled about tax of Yokohama-shi mainly.
About detailed explanation, please confirm following various homepages.

About national tax, please see National Tax Agency homepage (the outside site).
※Please use services such as "tax answer" (the outside site) in National Tax Agency homepage.

About prefectural tax, please see prefectural tax convenience book (the outside site) (Kanagawa (outside site)).


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