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Literature monuments in ward

Last update date February 12, 2019

Oldness and Konan literature monument, honoring monument

We collected literature monuments such as monument inscribed with a tanka poem, stone tablet in Konan Ward and honoring monuments.
It is met in this way and can see freely.

Monument inscribed with a tanka poem, stone tablet | Honoring monument | Others

Monument inscribed with a tanka poem, stone tablet
Name, typeThe locationPlaceThe erection yearRemarks
Monument inscribed with a tanka poemBamboo grass lower 5-13-20Tofuku-ji Temple1882Lose losing strength with the straight remukotonoureshisani south no Amitabha in the Land of Happiness; ken*anshakukai*
Monument inscribed with a tanka poem5-1-5, KaminagayaTenjin Corporation1925Get shift incense; Kojiro is plum of kanhonashi and temple possible shi company of shinnashi te kamuryogi
Stone tabletBamboo grass lower 4-11-5The House of accomplishment [the main gate of a Buddhist temple side]1948Fight; is chin marinu forest fire for mozu (shrike) soughing of the wind through pine-trees (shorai) now
Folktale 11 of Konan
Stone tablet3-43, HinochuuoGraveyard1813ichiyorakukameogi of * shiya paulownia of inner garden
[citizen graph 116 monument inscribed with a tanka poem feature Suzuki tortoise Ougi]
Honoring monument
Name, typeThe locationPlaceThe erection yearRemarks
New road reclamation monument1-33, Kajigaya"Seven pieces" of bus stops north roadside1879Former place: 5630, Hinocho, seven pieces of old roads
Okamoto Bridge monumentKonan Chuo-dori 13-24The Okamoto Bridge left bank1890Cultural assets
Promenade 1-4 of history
Stone stairway repair monumentKonan 5-12-8The Sun-Goddess shrine1933
Stone stairway construction monument1-11-31, KamiookahigashiKoshinzuka in front of Keikyu Kami-Ooka Station East Exit1935It is volunteer for Kamiooka lower half
Honoring monument1-10-1, KamiookahigashiFujimi road halfway up a mountain1965
Promenade 1-2 of history
hanatsukakorehiBamboo grass lower 5-13-20Tofuku-ji Temple1965
Monument of cherry blossoms of KonanBamboo grass lower 7-18Sakuramichi T-shaped road south corner1978Cherry blossoms of Yokohama famous place Konan
Honoring monumentKonan 4-1The prison front side1942akamakototai*nanhokokutaijunshokushahi
Honoring monumentKonan 4-1The prison front side1973Southern death at post correction officer monument
Honoring monumentBamboo grass lower 5-8Forebay park1981"kawajimano monument"
Name, typeThe locationPlaceThe erection yearRemarks
sugeshutsuka5-1-5, KaminagayaThe Tenjin Corporation mountain behind mountaintop1928It is said that we buried brush of five man bright person habitual use of the way truth
Peace monumentKonan 5-12-8The Sun-Goddess shrine1952
Writing-brush burial mound monumentKonan 6-6 - 40Personal (Hideo Matsumoto) house1890dokumokakusakiseihitsutsukahi
Repayment of kindness monumentHino Park graveyard1940Great swordsman Mr. Kiyohisa Kojima monument Hokushin cutting down with one stroke of the sword style instructor
Zen Terada soldier of the Imperial Guard monument2-9, HinochuuoKasuga Shrine1900*fuekyoju
seinansembotsukorehi2-32-1, ShimonagayaShinmei Corporation1879
Topographical record 5-5 of the roadside
Loyal soul monument2-1-11, OkuboAoki Shrine1951
Loyal soul monument2-9, HinochuuoKasuga Shrine1951hokonyakunyoyokohamashichoheinuma*sankinsho
Loyal soul monument2-32-1, ShimonagayaShinmei Corporation1952The Mayor of Yokohama Ryozo Hiranuma writing respectfully
Signpost5-1-5, KaminagayaTenjin Corporation"nichihonsan*hachikyu*shitenshinsantemmankyukokoredo." Entering Hirato Motomura suited to taste
SignpostMost door 2-12-27Rice cake Isaka1696North gu mi and maggot Southern Hokkaido Kamakura rise; most Tomura

We make "history of Konan" (October, 1979, published by history publication executive committee of Konan) in original material.

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