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"Do you not have a problem with trouble about cat?" Under leaflet distribution

Last update date June 21, 2019

"Do you not have a problem with trouble about cat?" We distribute leaflet!

We introduce area cat activity to reduce trouble about cat

Let's watch soto cat and cat without owner in area

1.We perform TNR (※) not to increase populations
2.By area watch; (understanding to cat being there) and care of cat along rule
3.To area where both people and cat are easy to live in
※With TNR
It is no abbreviation that "we catch T (Trap) and return to N (Neuter) sterility castration operation, place of the R (Return) cause"

Main distribution place

Animal hospital (member of Konan Ward veterinarian society) in ward, Konan Ward government office Health Sanitation Division (the fifth-floor 51st window)


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