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Directionality of 2020 Konan Ward "community development by collaboration" approach

Last update date July 30, 2020

In Konan Ward, we advocate "figure (image of four aims) of Konan Ward which we aim" at in March, 2014, and group, related organizations, company, school, ward office which local, work including Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations collaborate for that, and various approaches are pushed forward. We announce policy of the next fiscal year of the approach in "the Konan Ward cheerful community development forum" holding every year.

State of the day of the community development forum cheerful in 2020

We are ... in ❤ oldness and Konan full of Konan Ward - love to aim at

○We realize "hometown Konan" to connect with area where oneself live in with attachment in the next generation
○In three coming next-door houses on both sides of "each other state" can be related, and it is in "town that anyone can live on security for in peace"
○Each one can live in super-aged society well; is waiting
○Administration meets area, and approach of collaboration advances toward realization of better community development

Approach policy to strengthen connection in area

We watch disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage on o theme in "❤ oldness and Konan full of love" and deepen local connection through various approaches including assisting and will tie "hometown Konan" to children carrying the future!

①Let's expand communication between people of local action!

○We hold discussion meeting for each district
○We promote cooperation, cooperation between activity groups in district regular assembly
○Anyone performs way that can participate in events casually

②We participate as far as each one can do it and build relations of state in three coming next-door houses on both sides each other and will push forward approach in familiar area!

○We push forward talks of "the fourth Konan sunflower plan" development in each district
○We widen cooperation activity to work on solution to each person's annoyance
○Including "greetings" and "calling" watch, and widen ring of assisting
○We push forward "the making of structure including tower support at the time of disaster required and approach of safety confirmation protecting area from disaster"
○To prepare for earthquake or storm and flood damage, disaster prevention. ・We think about reduce disaster damage and push forward talks
○Including clean up of river because can do it, work on environmental activity

③The government thinks about each role together, and let's work on area together!

○We are enriched with place "school building sunflower" studying under area
○In "the community development promotion meeting by collaboration", we push forward approach by collaboration
Leaflet (PDF: 5,234KB) which we distributed in cheerful community development forum in 2020

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